Epoxy Repair Mortar is probably the most versatile product that we install. Due to its extremely high strength, fast curing properties and formable texture it is our go to product for repairs and problem areas.

Deep fill to a featheredge granite-hard finish means this product is excellent for ramps and repairs where lesser products will fail.

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Features And Advantages

  • Reduced downtime - fast curing products to keep your business moving
  • Extremely hard wearing and abrasion resistant
  • High performance solutions for damaged, cracked and decaying concrete
  • Solvent free and low odour
  • Internal and external repairs
  • Dust free cutting and grinding
  • Suitable for fork lift traffic
  • Coloured repairs available to blend into existing finishes
  • Quality Installations - Fully guaranteed - Free Quotations

"Repairing A Concrete Floor Early Can Add Decades To Its Life"

Our experienced installers and quality products ensure a professional finish every time. Don’t just take our word for it – check out our testimonials.

Give us a call today, we can then arrange a site visit. One of experienced team will then come down to asses the condition of your floor and give you the best possible options.


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