The most common cause of a floor failing is the lack of correct subfloor preparation and a large slice of these will be due to the lack of old floor removal. unfortunately, a large proportion of flooring contractors are happy to take a risk of leaving old flooring products on the floor and going over the top of them with new products.

Some old floors can look quite solid and sound, however a lot of the time they are hiding problems or weak bonds that are lying under the floor. Any floor is only as strong as it weakest bond, taking this into account would you really take a chance laying a floor on a subfloor that you don't know anything about?

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Any Floor Is Only As Strong As Its Weakest Bond

All of the adhesives and levelling compounds that are on the market today are designed to adhere. To do this they are manufactured to grab the floor as much as possible. If there is a weakly bonded floor underneath it is common for the levelling compound or adhesive to break this bond and the floor will fail.

he normal reasons that sub-standard contractors will skip floor removal is it is too time-consuming. Also, they do not have the right equipment or they think as long as the floor stays down until they have been paid they will get away with it.

At DC Flooring we have numerous machines and processes to take up existing floor coatings, coverings and adhesives. Whether it's your front room or your large warehouse we have the correct machine. Large ride-on floor stripping machines to handheld carpet pullers are all in our arsenal. So don't do half a job...... do it right, do it once!

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