Shot blasting or blast track is the best process for preparing large area floor surfaces and applications where the finish of the floor surface needs to be thoroughly cleaned and profiled to establish the best possible adhesive properties. Our machines, with the help of extremely powerful vacuums are virtually dust free. This makes the total process environmentally friendly, efficient and also very cost effective.

The actual process of shot blasting involves tiny steel balls (shot) being thrown at extremely high speeds at the floor. This is via a high velocity rotating blast wheel. Most of the shot is sucked back into the machine to be used again, any shot that does not get sucked back into the machine is collected with a magnet after the process is finished.

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Any Floor Is Only As Strong As The Base Its Put On

By adjusting the speed of the shot blasting machine, we can achieve different surface textures to suit whatever covering we will be applying. This process conditions the floor surface, leaving a substrate that allow our finishes to achieve both physical and chemical adhesion which in turn means an extremely durable floor which can with stand any traffic imaginable. Remember, any floor is only as strong as the base it is put on.

Varying the profile of the substrate will have an effect on the slip resistance of the finished floor. So if a profiled finish is required after a paint coat, we will take this into consideration before we start the preparation of your floor.

With our extensive knowledge and experience we are able to offer you the perfect subfloor preparation for the finish that you require. As we are completely independent and can take care of all subfloor preparation all of our advice is completely impartial.


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