Case Study – Bristol Distribution Centre

Client Overview: 

The Bristol Distribution Centre spans an impressive 21,000m2, serving as a crucial hub for industrial operations. This project involved the refurbishment and restoration of the facility, aiming to enhance both its functionality and aesthetic appeal.


With a team of 15 operatives on site the restoration project spanned an intensive 8 weeks. This project presented significant challenges as the floor was in a poor condition. With numerous repairs required, line markings to remove and floor bolts to remove, the challenge was to create a decorative surface that was robust enough to deal with heavy traffic that it was going to have to deal with.


We started by removing and repairing over 20,000 bolts via core drilling, addressing cracks and concrete repairs across the expansive facility. All repairs were carried out with coloured polishable mortar, which was a sympathetic colour to the existing concrete. This enhanced the aesthetic of the system while ensuring the premises’ structural integrity,

We used large diamond grinders to level the slabs to ensure uniformity and remove any contamination. Additionally, we reinstated expansion joints to maintain structural integrity. Finally, we installed the DCF Express High Gloss System, offering both durability and aesthetic appeal, resulting in a polished and seamless surface throughout the facility.


The result of our efforts was a stunning transformation. The industrial distribution centre now boasts a beautifully polished concrete surface, elevating both functionality and visual appeal. The DCF Express system resulted in a stunning high gloss finish. This effort ensured not only a visually striking result but also a surface of exceptional quality and durability, backed by an extensive 10-year guarantee. 


In conclusion, this project exemplifies our commitment to overcoming complex challenges with innovative solutions. By reinstating expansion joints and installing the  DCF Express High Gloss System, we not only addressed structural concerns but also delivered a highly decorative surface. We’re proud to have played a role in enhancing the Bristol Distribution Centre’s functionality and aesthetics.

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