Concria Optimal Screed

Concria™ Screed technology brings a groundbreaking leap in the realm of concrete flooring. This pioneering solution turns existing or new concrete into a tough, solid surface, offering an outstanding base that is not just visually appealing but exceptionally long-lasting. Perfect for various uses, from industrial warehouses to retail areas, Concria Screed guarantees that every flooring endeavor reaches a standard of finish and durability previously out of reach with conventional techniques.

What is Concria Optimal Screed?

Concria Screed is a cement-based topping that includes quartz aggregates and polypropylene fibres, and is applied alongside nano silica finishing aid technology. This groundbreaking mixture is notable for its quick-setting characteristics, allowing it to be ground and polished into high gloss within just 72 hours of application.


Key Features of Concria Optimal Slab Screed 

Concria Screed is expertly crafted mainly from Pure Quartz, renowned for its durability and resistance, boasting a Hardness (Mohs) rating of 7. This top-notch composition is tailored for Extreme Traffic Intensity, guaranteeing enduring performance in demanding environments. It achieves impressive strength metrics, with a Compressive Strength (C) of C70 (N/mm^2) and a Flexural Strength (F) of F11 (N/mm^2), compliant with EN13892-2 standards.

The product also showcases exceptional Abrasion Resistance (AR) of 0.5 and a Surface Hardness (SH) of 1600 (EN13892-2), making it a perfect choice for areas prone to heavy wear and tear. With its quick-setting properties, Concria Screed enables accelerated construction schedules and reduces downtime. Furthermore, it can serve as a repair mortar for deteriorated concrete surfaces.

Recommended Surface for Use The Concria Optimal Screed

The Concria Optimal Screed is designed for a wide range of surfaces, offering unparalleled adaptability and strength.

Industrial floors

Industrial floors, particularly in warehouses, factories, and areas with heavy machinery, reap the rewards of the Concria Optimal screed’s sturdy composition, guaranteeing a surface that can endure heavy traffic and substantial loads. Its quick-setting properties enable minimal operational interruptions, making it the ideal choice for businesses that value efficiency and resilience.


Parking Garages

Car parks and decking systems, enduring the constant movement of vehicles and heavy loads, need flooring that can handle substantial wear and tear. Concria Optimal Screed offers an excellent solution for these settings with its exceptional durability and resistance to abrasion. Its ability to achieve high compressive and flexural strength guarantees that the surface stays intact and resilient against the strains of daily vehicle traffic.

Logistics Centres

In logistics hubs, where smooth movement of goods and vehicles is vital, Concria Optimal Screed proves to be a valuable asset. Its exceptional wear resistance and quick-setting properties meet the demand for swift turnarounds and uninterrupted operation. The screed’s strength and resistance to wear guarantee that the floor can withstand the heavy foot traffic and machinery common in these environments, upholding a safe and efficient workspace with low life cycle costs.

Schools and Universities

For schools and universities, places bustling with students daily, the hard-wearing Concria Optimal Screed proves its worth. It stands up to constant traffic and heavy usage, ensuring classrooms, corridors, and shared spaces stay top-notch for years. Quick-setting properties mean maintenance or revamp cause minimal disruption to the academic year. Plus, its visual appeal creates an inviting space that enhances the learning environment.

Exhibition Centres

Exhibition centres, hosting a variety of events from trade shows to public expos, need flooring that can handle heavy foot traffic while still looking good under such tough conditions. Concria Screed steps up to the challenge, providing a surface that combines strength, durability, and visual appeal. Its resistance to wear and tear and high traffic ensures that the floors stay spotless, even with frequent setup changes and big crowds. Plus, the quick-setting nature of the screed reduces downtime between events, a key benefit for venues with tight schedules.

Concria Optimal Screed and Enhancement of The Quality of Concrete Floors

Concria Optimal Screed doesn’t just revive and fortify concrete floors, but also greatly enhances their visual charm and practicality. Here’s how to use it to get top-notch results.

Manual Application

For best outcomes with Concria Optimal Screed, ensure the base concrete is a minimum of C25/30 with a tensile adhesion strength of at least 1.5 N/mm². Preparing the substrate is crucial — it must be clean, free from gypsum compounds, and clear of any materials that could impede bonding like oils, curing compounds, dust, mastics, bond breakers, and other surface contaminants. Preferred surface preparation methods include mechanical approaches such as shot blasting, aiming for an ICRI CSP of 5 to 10. While other methods, like using epoxy with coarse sand carpet, are possible, it’s recommended to avoid acid etching. Ensure the surface is dry and appropriately primed before application, with both surface and ambient temperatures between 10°C and 32°C (50°F and 90°F).

Powerfloated Concrete


Correct blending is crucial when using Concria Optimal Screed. Pour 3.5 to 3.8 litres of potable water per bag of Screed into a container while the mixer is in operation, gradually adding the Screed. If necessary, additional water can be added, ensuring the screed mixture is uniformly smooth before application.


Organise the work area for continuous placing, avoiding cold joints. Apply Concria Screed over the prepared substrate at a minimum thickness of 3/8” (10 mm), making sure to respect any existing joints and moving cracks. Begin by brushing the material onto the base concrete, then levelling it using a gauge rake or manual Screed as required. After placing, use a spike roller to remove any trapped air, then lightly spray Trowel Hard and smooth with a bull float.


Once the surface is robust enough for foot traffic, start the finishing process with a power float fitted with plastic pans. If you encounter any issues with opening up the surface, use Trowel Hard. Plastic pans are advised for a smoother finish, preventing overly deep penetration into the topping. Keep trowelling until you achieve a smooth and dense surface, then switch to blades for the final touches. Opt for plastic blades when working with coloured Screed. Complete the process as the surface starts to display a gloss/shine, applying Power Trowel polishing system as necessary during both the panning and final blade finishing stages.


Concria Trowel Hard has a key role in the curing process by decreasing moisture vapor emissions. It’s important to remember that although Trowel Hard aids in curing, it doesn’t replace the specified curing compounds. For best results, it’s advised to cure the screed with water and plastic sheeting.


Concria Screed is polishable 72 hours after applying under normal conditions. With its high density, this concrete topping can be polished to achieve a stunning, dust-free high gloss and distinct image quality (DOI). However, grinding and polishing Concria Screed requires significant expertise, so feel free to reach out to a professional team like DC Flooring.

Benefits of Using The Solution of DC Flooring Concria Optimal Screed

Since the 1980s, dry-shake hardener have been standard industrial concrete flooring surface. This was due to its easy installation and low maintenance costs. But, the dry shake hardener floors can fail, which would result in extensive repair costs. So, current design trends have seen polishable dry shake keeps buildings looking modern, sleek and clean.    

The Concria Optimal Slab Screed solution brings a host of benefits to various settings – from industrial environments to data centres. Its special blend, featuring Pure Quartz and polypropylene fibres, ensures exceptional durability and floor resistance. This durability leads to lower maintenance expenses and a lengthened floor lifespan, proving to be a cost-effective choice in the long term. 

Additionally, the quick-setting nature of Concria Screed not only speeds up construction timetables but also significantly minimises operational downtimes, helping businesses get back to work promptly. The screed’s high compressive and flexural strength guarantees the floor’s ability to handle heavy footfall and loads, crucial for industrial sites and warehouses. Moreover, its superior abrasion resistance protects the floor from damage, keeping its appearance and functionality intact over time.

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How does Concria Optimal Screed contribute to the sustainability of a building?

Concria Optimal Screed has been crafted to play a significant role in enhancing the sustainability of a building in various ways. Firstly, its improved durability minimises the necessity for frequent repairs or replacements, reducing material wastage over time. Moreover, the product incorporates sustainable materials like Pure Quartz and recycled polypropylene fibres, which help lower the carbon footprint linked to the production and lifecycle of the flooring. Its ability to uphold high performance with minimal upkeep also results in decreased use of harsh cleaning agents, further enhancing a building’s eco-friendliness. Additionally, the polished Concria Screed floor’s high reflective quality can enhance indoor lighting efficiency, lessening the reliance on artificial lighting and reducing energy consumption.

How long does it take for Concria Optimal Screed to cure fully?

The curing time for Concria Optimal Screed typically varies depending on environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. In regular conditions, it’s safe to walk on the screed after 24 hours, and light vehicle traffic can resume after around 72 hours. For the screed to fully harden and reach its maximum strength, a curing period of 7 days is recommended. To ensure the best results and longevity of the flooring, it’s crucial to follow the specific guidelines provided for the curing process, including the use of water and plastic sheeting as outlined in the application instructions.

What warranty or guarantee does Concria offer for its Optimal Screed product?

Concria offer a 10 Year non-dusting guarantee on their Concria Optimal Slab™ range of products. This provides peace of mind for customers knowing that these installations are  built to last and maintain their high quality finish for years to come. Additionally, Concria is committed to providing exceptional customer service and support, making sure any issues or concerns are addressed promptly and effectively. This level of commitment speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of the product, giving customers confidence in their purchase decisions.

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