Car Park Decking Systems

Car Park Decking Systems – 100% bespoke to your requirements

When viewed from the outside, the first thing people typically notice about a building is its multi-storey car park (MSCP). This means that they will pretty much form an impression of the building, the surroundings and overall location before even setting foot inside. The structure, appearance and overall presentation of MSCPs and car park flooring especially, says a lot about what it might be like, for example, to work out of an office in that building or visit a client, for example.
By having a clean, sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing car park floor, you can effectively portray your building as functional and professional. However, having car park decking systems installed that are functional, clean-looking and appealing on the surface is something which requires the expertise of a professional contractor specialising in car park systems.

Coming up with the right car park decking systems can be a very tricky and challenging task – the car park flooring will be exposed to both light and heavy vehicles turning in a tight radius, not to mention automotive oils spilling or leaking on the floor. There’s also thermal cycling, water ingress and exposure to other weather and environment-related elements to take into consideration.
DC Flooring supplies and installs everything related to car park decking systems – form external and internal decks to service decks, ramps, turning circles, hammerheads as well as basement decks and movement joints. Every component and system is prepared on a bespoke basis according to your car park flooring requirements. We are also a registered member with FeRFA (Resin Flooring Association), which demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest quality, most robust and reliable car parking systems.
Our range of MMA plus polyurethane waterproof and crack bridging can be easily applied across internal and external decks, walkways, ramps and loading bays.

Choose from a variety of bright and attractive or subtle and sophisticated-looking colours to create a car park interior that’s extremely pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate through. As part of your car park floor solution, we will supply easy-to-spot navigational aids and signage, safety warnings, pedestrian walkways, etc., all integrated seamlessly into the finish.
To help improve the overall car parking deck experience for visitors or your customers, our car park decking systems use specially formulated materials which keep road noise to a minimum and generate the least amount of tyre squeal around tight bends and turns. The overall texture used in our car park decking systems also provides a safe area for pedestrians to pass through, providing optimal underfoot grip to reduce the risk of trips, slips or falls – very useful if someone should have to quickly move out of the way of a moving vehicle.

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Key benefits of our car park decking systems and solutions

Quick and hassle-free installation

The underlying technology that goes into our car park decking systems helps to make the installation phase reasonably quick and absolutely hassle-free, with minimal interruption and intrusion. The specially formulated catalyst we use increases the rate of cure, allowing each layer of coating to cure in just over an hour, and allowing traffic to pass over it after just 3-4 hours.
Considering that epoxy or polyurethane based-only deck coating systems can take several days or even weeks to cure properly, this is a major time-saving benefit, which means you can resume your day-to-day floor activities with minimal disruption.
Our car park deck coatings and waterproof systems can also be applied in very cold temperatures, down to -30°C without any effect on curing times. If you need bespoke car park decking systems in the middle of winter where sufficient heating is not available for the project, you need not worry about a thing. Our deck systems and coatings will still do the job irrespective of weather conditions.

Unmatched safety

The kind of car park flooring you use plays a very important role in the overall safety and general experience of the average car parking lot user. For instance, the potential for any water or automotive oils/lubes/residue accumulating can pose a serious slip risk, for both drivers on foot and those in their cars. To avoid any car accidents or slips and trips, all of our car park decking systems provide a high-quality and adequately textured anti-skid plus anti-slip surface which enhances both underfoot and tyre traction.

Eye-pleasing aesthetics

What kind of impression are drivers or building visitors likely to have if their surroundings are dull, drab, dreary or generally depressing-looking? Maintaining a clean, appropriately colourful and positive-looking parking area is one of the keys to making people feel more safe, secure and welcomed to the premises as they leave their cars behind.
DC Flooring offers a broad spectrum of colours and designs to choose from, along with coatings that allow you to creatively spread the right colours, signage and messaging throughout your parking space. All of these are central to large, complex and busy MSCPs that project the idea of safety, convenience and professionalism.

Complete peace of mind

Our sophisticated car park systems and coatings ensure that MSCP operators never have to worry about daily spills, wear-and-tear or unexpected incidents, or structural movement and weather conditions for that matter – all of which can negatively impact the car parking deck. The durability, longevity and protection our car park decking systems give you the ultimate sense of protection and the peace of mind to focus on the day’s responsibilities.

Why DC Flooring for car park flooring systems?

Working across the entire UK with building operators and commercial property owners, DC Flooring combine an unparalleled range of professional car parking deck coatings with car park waterproofing systems, including a variety of flooring options, membranes and movement joints. No matter what kind of challenges you are facing in regards to the design and construction of your car park decking system, we offer highly versatile and adaptable products to provide the ultimate solution for your multi storey car park. For decades, we have supplied and installed the UK’s largest, most complex, well-designed and high performance car parking systems, along with the ultimate deck coating and waterproofing solutions – helping building owners in making their location more attractive and inviting to visitors. This extensive experience in MSCPs means we are well-positioned to advise on creating the ultimate large-scale multi-storey car park, providing your building operator as well as visitors with a very safe, clean, functional and attractive car parking system that’s also very long-lasting, reliable and demands minimal surface maintenance.

  • Free initial consultation and site survey along with a no-obligation quote
  • Car park systems, deck coating systems and car park waterproofing systems all tailored to your exact specifications
  • Technical support and prompt after-installation service as and when you require
  • Bespoke installation as per the structure and layout of your building
  • Full parts, structural and materials warranty + aftercare at no additional cost
  • Registered member with Resin Flooring Association (FeRFA) means you get the absolute best quality

About DC Flooring’s specialist MSCP services

DC Flooring is a leading supplier and installer of bespoke car park decking systems, offering industry-leading expertise and knowledge to help building owners and MSCP operators meet their needs.
Having worked on hundreds of custom-tailored multi-storey car park systems across the UK, we understand how a ‘one size fits all’ approach never works for car park flooring, deck coating systems and waterproofing systems.
Owing to our decades-long partnerships with market-dominating manufacturers, we only install products which 100% meet your requirements and expectations. We understand what it takes to come up with high-performance, long-lasting and ultra-reliable car parking decks and systems which not only look good, but easily meet daily use demands and don’t require too much maintenance.
No matter what kind of car parking systems, deck coating systems or car park waterproofing solutions you require, we can provide the following on a bespoke basis:

  • Installation of new, customised MSCPs
  • Maintenance and upkeep of old MSCPs
  • Single and multi-storey car park systems
  • Decorative anti-carbonation, waterproof and weather-resistant coating
  • Concrete preparation, maintenance and repair
  • All maintenance and repair work included with your bespoke car park decking system – crack repairs, levelling, concrete strengthening, delamination, expansion joints, etc.
  • Customised line marking
  • Very quick cure systems suitable for all weather conditions
  • Full site surveys included in your quote
  • All systems come with a full warranty from their respective manufacturers
  • Extensive aftercare, service advice, troubleshooting, etc.
  • MMA

All subfloor preparation is done in-house using our specialised equipment – shotblasting, scabbling, and concrete grinding
You’re only a phone call away from investing in leading-class car park decking systems, all approved by FeRFA.

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