Stadia and Arena

Stadia and Arena

Stadiums and arenas see a very high number of visitors throughout the year. As such, the floors need to be safe, slip-resistant, easy to clean and durable. They also need to have the right lines, signage and designs painted on them to direct visitors to the desired area. In addition, stadiums and arenas must also be robust enough to endure heavy equipment, including forklift trucks, which come into play when stages and seating must be set up without, and without damaging or compromising the flooring system. DC Flooring’s knowledge and expertise as an arena and stadia flooring specialist is all you need – a bespoke and comprehensive solution tailored to your exact needs which lasts years and years without any major maintenance.

Different stadia and arena flooring systems

MMA (methyl methacrylate)

MMA flooring systems are among the most common arena flooring systems and stadia flooring systems used today.

They are known for their rapid installation even in really low temperatures, and offer numerous properties which are highly beneficial in the stadia and arena industry, such as low curing times in extreme weather conditions, including zero and below-zero weather.

Their properties include a non-porous surface which is also anti-slip and abrasion-resistant, and from an aesthetic point-of-view, they offer a broad range of colours and finishes to suit the individual stadium or arena needs.

All of these combined can dramatically enhance and improve both the form and functionality of your stadia and arena flooring system.

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy flooring for arena and stadia offers a long-lasting and attractive solution for multiple sectors and industries, including stadiums and arenas.

DC Flooring continues to be a leader in the supply and installation of resin flooring systems and screeds.

These are ideal for resurfacing concrete surfaces and add a professional touch to your grounds, arenas and stadiums with the right markings, walkways or signage.

They also offer several performance characteristics such as chemical and abrasion resistance as well as slip resistance.

They are an excellent solution where hygiene is a key priority, so, in addition to decorative finishes and designs, you’ll also enjoy an unparalleled sense of hygiene standards for both your staff and visitors.

This will indirectly also grow your business more, because people tend to gravitate more towards places that have clean and hygienic areas.


Our polyurethane flooring for stadia and arena systems are designed to meet the daily demands of such venues where you need the most robust surfaces, minimal noise from foot traffic or otherwise, and a waterproof surface so that the show goes on no matter what kind of weather conditions prevail.

In addition to the above benefits, some of DC Flooring’s resin systems also have a highly accredited fire safety rating, and is available in a broad range of eye-pleasing colours and finishes.

Stadiums and arenas must always have bright demarcation lines and clear signage that is visible even from far above the ground. All of this is meant to regulate traffic while giving a very warm and welcoming impression to visitors from around the world.

Resin bound stone

Our resin bound stone is very strong, permeable and highly decorative – a perfect system for stadia and arena flooring. Also known as a stone carpet, resin bound stone offers a sleek and seamless look and it’s one of the fastest growing forms of stadia and arena flooring in the UK for a good reason: the clean finish and easy maintenance make it the leading choice for arena and stadium owners. It is highly resistant to UV rays and frost. It is weed-resistant as well and has anti-slip properties, while also being compatible with SuDS-compliant drainage systems.

PU screed

Polyurethane screed is a resin flooring system that is known for its high durability. It happens to be the most hard-wearing out of all resin flooring systems and known for its chemical resistance and thermal shock resistance. It is highly suitable for heavy traffic areas such as stadium and arena walkways, stage areas, seating areas, performance grounds, industrial kitchens etc. Our PU screed systems are extremely easy to clean and offer a high-quality hygienic coating for added safety as well as peace of mind.

Comfort Floor

Looking for a durable, flexible and aesthetically pleasing stadia and arena flooring system? Our Comfort Floor elasticated polyurethane ‘self-smoothing’ system strikes the perfect balance between comfort and durability, proving to be a tough surface which can withstand the daily demands of arena and stadium floors – while also offering enough underfoot softness to allow for safe, easy and comfortable foot traffic movement. Comfort Floor was born from sports flooring technology, it is unique in the sense that it’s highly flexible and durable. It can be installed with cushioned underlayment’s offering enough comfort in areas where spectators, employees or visitors are required to stand for long periods of time, but also at the same time,


Need to add an attractive and professional-looking polished concrete effect without any limitations to your flooring for arena and stadia? Microcement is an innovative material which can renew your sports stadium and arena surfaces with only 2-4mm of application. It’s perfect if you want to give your stadium and arena floor and wall surfaces a tactile, seamless and modern look. No interruption lines, no visible joints – only bespoke, continuous and seamless surfaces to enhance existing areas in your stadium or arena, such as restaurants, bars, canteens or food stands.

Specific applications for arena and stadia flooring systems

Internal and external car parks

If you want your arena and stadium car parks to be safe and functional while also looking remarkably professional, inviting and welcoming, our car park flooring systems will easily exceed your expectations.

DC Flooring’s team of arena and stadia flooring specialists will install everything for your car park decking system – from external and internal decks to service ramps, decks, turning circles, basement decks, hammerheads, etc.

We apply MMA and polyurethane waterproof and crack bridging across all your internal and external decks, ramps, walkways and loading bays – making both your staff and your visitors feel completely safe and confident at all times. Combined with the right chemical-resistance, waterproof and abrasion-resistance coating as well as immaculately painted markings and signage, your car park will be as functional and aesthetically pleasing as the rest of your stadium or sports arena.

Concessions and shops

Your stadiums or arena need to have the right decorative systems and coatings for concession areas and shops. DC Flooring’s advanced Comfort Floor and Microcement for stadia and arena flooring offer the perfect solution, ensuring that your concession and shop surfaces can easily withstand daily foot traffic without showing major signs of wear and tear or requiring high maintenance – all the while looking highly professional and aesthetically pleasing.

Rooftop decks and walkways

Your rooftop decks and walkways in particular need to have a special colour scheme along with a decorative coating that not only stands out but protects these areas from daily use and a variety of weather conditions. DC Flooring’s MMA and resin bound stone stadia/arena flooring systems offer the best of form and function, while providing unmatched beauty and durability. They are designed to thrive in all environments and are available in a broad range of colours, textures and finishes.


The concourse areas in your stadium or arena must not only be able to withstand daily foot traffic but also have anti-slip and abrasion-resistance resin coating, thus, making your facility safe and your guests or customers feel secure and at ease.

Our long-lasting, durable and slip-resistant epoxy coatings, MMA systems and polished concrete systems offer the best of everything, making your concourse areas feel very safe and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Food courts

Food courts, whether they be in stadiums and arenas or elsewhere, need a very special kind of coating – between heavy foot traffic as well as scraping chairs, and ongoing drops and spills, they need to be very durable, slip-resistant and stain-resistant as well.

Our Comfort Floor and MMA arena flooring systems offer high impact-resistance and bacteria-resistance, along with waterproof protection and the ability to be cleaned very easily.

Commercial kitchens

Commercial kitchens must always have a floor system and coating that’s not only highly durable and easy to clean but also offers excellent thermal and shock-resistance properties as well as an anti-bacterial coating.

They must also be slip-resistant and be available in a wide range of colours, textures and coatings to meet the demands of the everyday commercial kitchen.

Our PU Screed and MMA systems live up to these daily demands easily and offer a number of money-saving advantages, such as minimal maintenance throughout the year and superb long term wear-and-tear characteristics.

We also offer anti-microbial systems as well as coved skirting details to make sure your area complies with all the necessary hygiene standards.

Restaurants and bars

When your visitors want to take a break from their favourite game and sit down for some refreshments, they expect nothing less than a clean, safe, and hygienic environment where they feel confident and positive. Therefore, the kind of flooring system you choose for your stadium’s or arena’s restaurants and bars requires careful consideration. Is it easy to clean? Is the surface safe to walk on? Is it slip-resistant and waterproof? Is it resistant to spills, abrasions and generally durable? Our Comfort Floor system and Microcement system as well as specialised carpets and vinyls for your bar or restaurant floor will more than just meet the above requirements. They’ll make your customers want to eat, drink and dine in the same spots again and again.

DC Flooring also specialises in providing bespoke flooring systems for stadia and arena within other areas such as stairs, seating, walkways, locker rooms, sports floors, courts, tracks, etc. – all with your choice of arena/stadium flooring systems including Polyurethane, Rubber Crump, Comfort Floor, Sprung Sports floor, MMA, epoxy coatings and more. We also provide hygienic and high abrasion-resistant wall coverings and markings to give your facility the ultimate in form, functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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