Comfort Floor

What is Comfort Flooring?

Cushioned resins were originally designed as sports flooring products, and the same technology is still used in the sports floor sector today.

This system goes by many names across multiple industries today, including ‘comfort flooring’ or ‘liquid vinyl’ resin systems. They all essentially refer to the same thing: seamless resin floors made up of layers of flexible polyurethane resin, installed directly onto a primed substrate or a robust rubber underlay. Usually the build-up equates to approximately 2-3mm of resin, any underlayment can vary dependant on the application. 

The base resin layers are used to provide an improved degree of elasticity and flexibility, making it ideal for underfoot comfort, noise reduction, and footfall cushioning.

You’ll find this system quite common in facilities and public spots like schools, shops, leisure centres, modern day offices, sports facilities, health centres, hospitals, retail, domestic and commercial environments, etc.

Comfort Floors are extremely hygienic, and are easy to clean given their smooth and abrasion-resistant finish. DC Flooring specialises in the design and installation of resin systems, which is done on a fully bespoke basis according to your specific project, use case, or specifications.

DC Flooring is proud to be associated FeRFA, using their classification to specify comfort resin flooring. We are approved installers for the leading liquid vinyl resin flooring manufacturers. Our team of experts will work with you to develop a unique design, built from the ground up to meet your project requirements.

The Benefits of Comfort Flooring

Why Comfort Floors Can Be the Best Option for You?

These systems are ideal for nearly all commercial and public buildings, including retail, schools, sports clubs, leisure and healthcare facilities, etc. – any place where the floor design needs to blend seamlessly with comfort and care.

The above facilities have very busy areas which means that people may be standing on the ground for long periods of time or walking around throughout the day. As a result, you could strongly benefit from Comfort resins which reduce impact-related fatigue and the noise generated from that impact as much as possible. Providing a surface that is also very comfortable to walk or stand on.

Here are more advantages to choosing a Comfort Floor for your commercial, public or residential building:

Easy-to-clean hygienic coating

The underlying materials used in Comfort Flooring make for a unique coating which effectively repels bacteria or fungal growth. The surface is completely smooth and seamless which means it’s also easy-to clean, and helps to maintain a high degree of hygiene in the environment. This is crucial in residential buildings, but particularly in commercial and public buildings where lots of people stand, walk, sit and stroll about on a daily basis – as such, the floor surface needs to be made from a system which actively resists the formation of germs, parasites, bacteria or fungus. Comfort Flooring systems can also be installed with a coved skirting detail to create an easy to clean area with no difficult corners or edges to get to.

Endless design and colour choices

Need a specific design and colour choice for your school? Or perhaps one for your retail facility? We have over 70 standard colours available, and our in-house team can have your colour made to any RAL or NCS colour. This limitless range of colours is a dream for designers who are trying to match colour pallets and mood boards. The near-limitless design flexibility, where aesthetics are effortlessly married off with comfort and durability, is one of the reasons public and commercial facility owners choose these systems. Our team can produce the precise corporate colours as per your branding guidelines and even colour match those customised tones to match the walls, ceiling or upholstery and furniture.

We can also create specific patterns and finishes using select methods and materials in addition to the standard finish, all done by our skilled in-house applicators. For example, you might browse our range for a matt or monochrome finish or a flaked design to better suit the building’s overall aesthetics or your brand image, or you could have a specialised artistic effect which can be achieved through special rollers and paint brushes. Anti- slip options are also available dependent on the use of the area. This product is ideal for projects where design needs to be combined with performance.

Super noise-cancelling acoustics

Having natural noise-absorbing properties, means it can significantly reduce footfall and horizontal noise generated due to foot traffic or things being hauled/wheeled across it – by minimising impact noise and isolating vibration noise. Think of a floor made from Comfort resins as an ‘earthing’ surface, only in this case, it is cancelling noise from foot traffic as opposed to electrical charges!

On top of this, the system is also able to be laid on a rubber sound insulating mat. We use a product called Regupol, using this technique creates an approx. 7mm system that is not only extremely comfortable to stand and walk on, but has amazing sound reducing properties.

Highest BRE green guide rating

This is the only resin flooring system in development to achieve a BRE Green Guide Rating of ‘A+’ – that’s the highest rating a liquid vinyl resin system can achieve! This rating enables users to quickly determine the environmental performance of many different types of common UK construction specifications.

The A+ to E rating system based on actual Life Cycle Assessment data also enables designers and specifications specialists to take into account comparable materials or systems which can collectively work with this system to reduce environmental impact and noise in buildings. Furthermore, using Comfort Floor also contributes to points for green building certification programmes like BREEAM or LEED.

This systems helps in reducing noise and building acoustics points. Building owners can effectively reduce their carbon footprint, when compared to other flooring systems like traditional vinyl or PVC floor coverings.

Soft and ergonomic surface

This is the ultimate flooring with comfort. The soft feel makes it very comfortable to stand and walk on, and even to sit on, no matter how long the duration. You can choose different degrees of softness, which can not only help your workers be more productive (by reducing fatigue) but also prevent injuries which may be caused by falling and/or tripping.

The soft, anti-slip surface makes it particularly easy for people using walking sticks or crutches to walk on, or those who wear high heel shoes. Unlike cold tiles and other walkable surfaces, Comfort Floor feels surprisingly warm to the touch and can be comfortably walked on barefoot. In fact, Comfort Floor also has systems built to a specific standard which makes them compatible with a variety of underfloor heating installations, providing an appropriate level of thermal conductivity.

Unmatched durability and minimal maintenance

Liquid vinyl resin systems offer best-in-class durability and robustness – for years, it has proven its worth in high-traffic areas like schools, hospitals, public hotspots and commercial venues. Its performance and purpose are unquestionable, and due to this resilience, it is hard wearing and scratch-resistance. It also acts as a strong and completely seamless barrier against moisture, water and cleaning chemicals.

Your system will last many years before requiring any maintenance, and even then it can be recoated easily to look brand new. To freshen the floor up doesn’t mean reinstalling the same system completely, but by merely applying the top sealer coat will make the floor look brand new again.

Floor system selector according to environment

DC Flooring offers multiple systems within our range to match the specific use case or environment; we have systems ideal for heavy traffic areas to ones that incorporate a full build up used for providing extra underfoot cushioning.

For instance, you may use a soft version for your physiotherapy floor or a hard version for your hospital corridor or rooms where there’s less foot traffic and beds frequently getting wheeled around. This adaptability makes it a superior solution for many public and commercial buildings where a non-slip and hard-wearing surface is required, yet one which is very comfortable to stand and walk on.

Keeps your indoor air quality healthy

The installation of your resin comfort flooring will be completely odourless and vapourless, as it is known for meeting the most stringent air quality regulations. Comfort Floor systems have low VOC emissions, so it contributes to healthy indoor air quality, making it perfect for schools, nurseries and clean room environments.

The seamless surface along with a hygienic coating is also easy to clean and therefore suitable for environments where people are allergic or sensitive to dust.

Types of Comfort Flooring

Sika Comfortfloor has been the market leader in this sector for a number of years. As an approved installer for Sika, we have installed all of their self-smoothing polyurethane systems. Although very similar, each system has its own subtle differences so that we can find the perfect fit for your unique needs. Sika PS23 is a single colour, highly elastic polyurethane comfort flooring system perfect for soft footfall, PS24 has the same properties but has a decorative flake running through it. Whereas the PS27 system is not as flex as the fore mentioned, it has more robust properties which would lend itself to heavier traffic. 

There are a large number of other systems and manufacturers to choose from. We are trusted installers for all of the major manufacturers. So don’t worry, its our job to know the type of resin flooring that you need, all we need from you is how it is going to be used. We can then guide you on the specific system that will suit you best.

Comfort Floor Resin System – Applications and Uses

Commercial and public buildings

Comfort Floor is the perfect choice for commercial projects, offering a durable floor surface with varying levels of hardness and an endless range of designs, colours and styles to choose from.

A floor made from comfort resins is seamless, offering a pure contemporary look. This is ideal for any architectural space, including shopping malls, retail stores, offices, restaurants and exhibition/trade show venues.

Schools and education institutions

Easy to clean, durable and colourful, Comfort Flooring can bring a stylish, exciting and welcoming look to any educational environment, from primary schools to colleges and universities.

The variety of Comfort Flooring systems on offer opens up many options, making your bespoke floor suitable for hallways, libraries, kitchens, classrooms, gymnasiums, etc.

Residential buildings and homes

The Comfort Floor range is known for its understated design, discreet qualities and purity in materials. All these attributes work collectively to provide the perfect style and mood in any home or residential building.

Get that seamless look for your bedrooms, dining room or kitchen and living room, or even a hotel or residential project where you want nothing but the best seamless resin finish.

All subfloor preparation is done in-house using our specialised equipment – shotblasting, scabbling, and concrete grinding
You’re only a phone call away from investing in leading-class flooring systems, all approved by FeRFA.


Is Comfort Flooring suitable for high-traffic areas?

Yes, liquid vinyl systems are one of the best solutions for high traffic areas. There are many on the market that are suited to a number of different scenarios and applications. Its all about choosing the correct system for the area in question.

To maximise the longevity of these products you need to make sure that the preparation is correct, they are installed as per the manufacturers instructions, the system is fit for the application and that they are cared for with the correct maintenance programme. If these point are all adhered to your installation will last you for many years to come, even in high-traffic areas.

Can I use Comfort Flooring with underfloor heating systems?

Comfort floors are the ideal solution for covering underfloor heating systems. Underfloor heating coupled with the luxury of this product produces an ergonomically warm feel combined with comfort and care. Walking barefoot on a soft, warm, seamless, contemporary floor that is so easy to clean, is the reason that so many people are choosing this product for their properties.

Special attention needs does need to be taken when installing these systems on heated surfaces. The heating system should always be fully commissioned. It then needs to be completely turned off before the installation of resin products. And lastly, after installation the heating needs to be increased or decreased by small adjustments, so not to shock the floor in major temperature shifts.

Don’t worry, we are here to help. It’s our job to know these possible pitfalls and we will be with you every step of the way. After the installation you will be given our aftercare and operations manual, we are only a phone call away with any other questions you may have.

How Much Does Comfort Flooring Cost in UK?

Price for this product is dependant on a considerable amount of variables. These include the specific system chosen, size of the area, design requirements, subfloor preparation, to name a few.

When compared to a number of products such as laminate flooring and cushioned vinyl, PU liquid vinyl systems are normally a bit more expensive. However, this does not take into consideration the replacement and maintenance issues of products like vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is usually laid in 2m widths, thus creating weak points in this type of floor. This is the main reason that floors of this nature fail. Given their smooth and resistant finish the liquid application of comfort flooring provides a seamless floor finish, giving a much higher level of functionality and durability, with no weak points.

Another thing to consider when looking at value for money, is when a vinyl floor needs to be replaced, the existing covering needs to be removed and disposed of. A latex screed is then installed before then being able to lay the new vinyl. This is not the case with resin flooring, you do not need to start again with the whole system when it needs a refresh. As long as it has been installed correctly in the first place, it can be abraded and the top sealer coat can be re applied. This gives you a brand new surface at a fraction of the hassle and expense of going back to the subfloor.

How long does Comfort Flooring typically last before needing replacement?

This is highly dependant on the amount of traffic that it is going to receive. Obviously there is a big difference between the footfall in a concourse to a stadium, compared to that of somebody’s kitchen. But as a general rule in a medium duty commercial scenario you would be looking at an 8 to 10 year warranty, however with the right care we would expect this to be considerably longer.

As explained above, to freshen up this floor does not mean starting the whole process again. With a coloured sealer coat, which is the last process in installing this system, you can have the appearance of a brand new floor. This means this product is highly cost effective in the long run and also very environmentally friendly.

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