Data Centres

Data Centres

Data centre floor owners and operators absolutely cannot afford to have low standards when it comes to looking after these tremendously important buildings. It can seriously affect their ability to deliver according to their vendors’ and customers’ expectations.

As a matter of fact, these applications require a very specific performance standard which DC Flooring integrates into their unique range of flooring systems for data centres – from epoxy or polyurethane resin flooring systems to fast-curing MMA and deck coating systems, to the environmentally-friendly DCF Express system.

Our leading-class systems are a decorative and yet practical solution for data centre floors; having served businesses across multiple sectors, DC Flooring has successfully made each business’s critical operations more efficient – thanks to the flooring systems’ unsurpassed ability to comply with the most rigorous standards in the industry.

What is polymer flooring for data centres and what are the benefits?

Polymerisation refers to a chemical reaction between several components in order to create a polymer. The underlying components of a polymer floor are mostly liquid (not counting the filler aggregates, decorative flakes, anti-slip beads, etc.) – however, the chemical reactions leads to the same result: a hard and durable surface which are purpose-built to make operations easier, safer and more efficient in data centres.

DC Flooring specialises in the formulation of different kinds of polymer flooring, all prepared in-house and each with their own unique set of benefits:

Epoxy Resin – Best where durability and chemical resistance are the highest priority.

Polyurethane Resin – Where impact resistance, elasticity and UV stability are needed.

MMA – Where a speedy application with a fast turnaround is the primary requirement.

Anti-static – Where sensitive electronic equipment must be protected from electrostatic discharge.

DCF Express  – Where the most environmentally-friendly concrete floor polishing system (that doesn’t cost you the Earth) is required, offering its own range of benefits, apart from the aesthetic benefit, of course. If this is your first time getting flooring systems for data centres installed, then you may be interested in knowing how polymer flooring systems are prepared: Inarguably, the most important step during the installation of these systems for data centres is the preparation. Our in-house team uses a range of high quality machinery which ensures that the substrate is smooth and level, as well as free from contaminants like oil, grease or dust, which can otherwise affect the final finish’s integrity. After the substrate has been prepared, our expert applicators will install the flooring materials, methodically applying body coats and sealers as needed, which ensures that each coat after the primer layer is cured properly before they move on to the next.

You may be wondering if there are any real benefits to resin flooring systems for data centres vs. other common floor finishes. Consider the following:

  • Resin floor finishes are very hard wearing and durable, featuring a robust sealer which can easily withstand heavy loads and daily foot traffic.
  • It is a seamless and impervious coating which prevents the build-up of moisture, dust, dirt, static, etc. in grout lines and/or at trims.
  • Anti-static properties protect expensive and sensitive electronic equipment, reducing the risk of fire hazards.
  • Fast-curing MMA resin flooring system for data centres when installed van be used within 2 hours after which you can use your floor as you normally would.
  • Very easy to clean, simply wipe away with a specialised cloth and mild solution provided by DC Flooring along with your bespoke installation of flooring system.
  • Broad range of finishes available with us to perfectly suit all areas of your data centre internally and externally.

How do I choose the right floor coating for a data centre?

Resin anti-static coating

There are a number of floor systems available, although an anti-static flooring system is something you can absolutely not do without and here’s why:

ESD or electrostatic discharge poses a major risk to sensitive electronic equipment. ESD has the potential to easily build up within floors, particularly those where heavy equipment is being pulled, dragged or hauled across the floor, as well as daily foot traffic. Any time two objects come into contact, no matter how brief it may be, it can generate static electricity which the floor can accumulate and store for up to several days and even weeks unless it is discharged in a safe way.

All data centre owners have invested in robust flooring systems featuring anti-static coating as a standard. Where DC Flooring’s anti-static flooring system for data centres stands apart is a completely bespoke finish and coating which meets all three of the commercial/industrial flooring safety standard as set by ANSI/ESD S20.20.

Static electricity can easily accumulate in any commercial floor or area where there are electronics and servers, so data centres are a prime candidate! Our anti-static resin flooring is prepared in-house and designed to prevent electrostatic build-up. Our dedicated page can help you better understand why this specialised floor coating system for data centres is so critical.

DCF Express

From distribution centres and medical facilities to data centres, office buildings and food manufacturing plants, our environmentally-friendly floor polishing system is much more than just a “concrete polishing system”.

DC Flooring is among the select few concrete polishing experts in the floor systems sector that offers a unique colour matching repair system which can easily conceal any floor repairs and maintenance which your data centre floor has undergone.

DCF Express is a great way to give your data centre a more professional look, while also making the floor surface safer and smoother. We offer a 10-year non-dusting guarantee along with three unique finishes to complement the overall aesthetics of your floor: Silk, Gloss and High Gloss.

Our environmentally-friendly polishing system has non-topical densifiers and a stain protector – this unique coating strengthens and protects your floor over time, ensuring that it can withstand heavy loads whether they are stationary or being moved, as well as daily foot traffic.

The DCF Express system is a great option for uplifting and enhancing your floor. It’s also very, very easy to clean and doesn’t collect dust easily, which is an ongoing challenge for data centre operators. All in all, this environmentally-friendly option will also save you plenty of money on lighting bills, while giving your data centre floors an unmatched professional look.

Why DC Flooring for data centre floors?

As a data centre flooring specialist, we have decades-long experience in the floor coating and floor systems sector, where we have worked with businesses across multiple industries to make their floors safer, more durable, and more professional-looking, while also reducing the need for maintenance.

All our floor coating systems undergo a dust-free preparation by our in-house applicators, who use a specialised tent during the  concrete grinding  process along with powerful integrated vacuums. We fully understand how servers and other electronic equipment in your data centre is sensitive to dust and do not risk releasing any dust or debris into the atmosphere.

All our floor coatings use epoxy resin as a base, which means they will never harbor dust. We also specialise in line marking and walkways to make navigation easier in your data centre.

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