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A wet polished concrete system for a more professional look

A robust concrete polishing system is something many commercial facilities are benefitting from today to make their spaces cleaner, more appealing and professional looking to visitors and clients alike. From supermarkets and shopping malls to parking garages, aerospace manufacturing facilities, industrial and food manufacturing factories to office buildings, data centres, schools, medical facilities and distribution centres – an environmentally friendly floor polishing system can go a long way in terms of making your commercial or industrial facility stand out and look all the more presentable to anyone setting foot inside.

We’re also currently offering the most environmentally friendly floor polishing system on the market – DCF Express – where other systems are based on topical sealers that sit on the surface of the concrete and wear away over time. Our products also use nano silica technology and water based penetrative sealers, ensuring unmatched longevity of the concrete polishing system, and even energy savings due to the reflective nature of the floor. We’re offering businesses much more than just a “concrete enhancement system”, unlike some of the other brands in our sector. In fact, it is quickly becoming the go-to choice for renovating concreting floors.

Robust concrete flooring, designed to perfection

Combined with our in-house colour matching repair system, where cement colour and aggregate matching can be made available according to your requirements – you have a brand new-looking concrete floor even if it has just undergone bolt hole repairs and expansion joints repairs.

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DCF Express has been designed to perfection, helping you achieve an immaculate look once the full concrete enhancement system has been applied – making the floors of your commercial facility look unapologetically professional, cleaner, smoother, safer and all the more inviting.

Purchase a long-lasting polished concrete floor

Our leading-class system for polishing concrete floors comes with a minimum 10-year non dusting guarantee and is available in three eye-pleasing finishes: Silk, Gloss and High Gloss. It’s also an extremely fast concrete polishing system to install, requiring minimal downtime so that any potential disruption to your day-to-day business is minimal. DC Floorings’ environmentally friendly floor polishing system contains non-topical densifiers and stain protector – it’s more than just a thin, barely-visible film or coating on the floor – it’s a robust material which strengthens and protects your concrete floors over time, so that it doesn’t easily chip or flake off. We offer a comprehensive maintenance package for all our concrete polishing systems to keep your floors in tip-top shape all year round. Should you ever require any floor repairs, our team will tend to them within 24 hours to keep your business moving.

A floor that doesn’t cost the earth!  And supports your companies environmental policies. DCF Express is the most environmentally friendly flooring system on the planet.

Unmatched Concrete Polishing System for a variety of concrete floors

Our environmentally-friendly concrete polishing system is made from sustainable materials only and boasts superior quality, making concrete finishing faster, easier, and simply better in every way imaginable. The non-topical densifier and hardener helps to bring out your concrete floors’ natural shine and finish, after the grinding and polishing process has been concluded. In fact, the chemical reaction leads to a denser, more robust concrete surface, which reduces dust formation and abrasion wear significantly. It’s perfect, really, for any facility where there is a lot of foot movement, heavy machinery being hauled across the floor, stains and spills due to everyday operations, etc. So, no matter what kind of commercial or industrial facility you are running, you simply cannot go wrong with a polishing system for concrete floor like ours.

Also perfect for new concrete floor applications

Applied during the floating and troweling procedure, DC Flooring’s concrete polish and coating system first lubricates the surface, increases cream for an improved finish, slows down surface drying along with premature set, and then eliminates any need for additional water. Since our formula is designed to slow moisture loss, it dramatically extends the window we have to apply the polish and finish in the most adverse of environmental conditions – e.g. during high winds or heat, when the sun is out or when there is low humidity.

When applied as a concrete floor finishing aid for new concrete slabs, our nano-sized technology effectively creates a barrier which minimises water evaporation, ultimately eliminating volume loss cracking and curling altogether.
This also greatly minimises the potential for any drying-related surface issues, including crazing and efflorescence.

We have developed our environmentally friendly floor polishing system as a curing agent capable of retaining water for a few weeks at least, if not months. After being troweled into your floor’s surface, it acts as a liquid membrane-forming curing compound, providing moisture-retention performance.

The best part? You will never see a membrane or layer as no membrane forms! The end result is our coating becoming a permanent part of your concrete floors, and since there’s minimal water vapour transmission through the concrete slabs, you will see improved surface durability and compressive strength almost right away.

The densification process ensures that small cracks and pinholes as well as pit marks are eliminated almost completely, giving your floors a fresh, clean, smooth and very aesthetically pleasing look.

Key benefits of DCF Express

Our environmentally-friendly water-based penetrating sealer provides maximum waterproofing, acts as a water repellent, and improves chemical as well as abrasion resistance in concrete floors. It penetrates deep into the micro-cracks, capillaries and pores of your floor without forming an all-too- visible sealed film. We put the system through a chemical reaction where specially formulated salts and minerals interact to form a very hard and robust layer of calcium silicate hydride. This leads to a crystalline structure which effectively stops the movement of water while still allowing the vapours to pass through. This also ensures the best protection against abrasion, daily wear-and-tear, and impacts from everyday foot traffic as well as the movement of heavy industrial/commercial machinery or equipment across the floor.

Improve the appearance, functionality and overall feel of your wet polished concrete floor, making it look more professional and visually appealing;

Increased lifespan of your concrete floor, owing to excellent durability and wear properties;

Superhydrophobic – seals and protects your floor;

Best solution for concrete floor renovation;

Colour matching repair system which only a select few concrete polishing companies are currently offering at the moment – matched to your choice of cement colour and aggregate, and ideal for general repairs, bolt hole repairs and installation of expansion joints.

Will not degrade or discolour, or change in texture – each floor polishing system comes with a minimum 10-year non-dusting guarantee;

No mop drag or resistance whatsoever;

Floor cleaning and maintenance becomes even easier;

Available in three unique finishes to make your commercial floors look more inviting and aesthetically pleasing, instilling more trust in your organisation – Silk, Gloss and High Gloss;

Densifiers (containing a lithium solution) and stain protector come standard with the floor coating – not visible at all, strengthening and protecting your concrete internally so that it doesn’t chip or flak off easily;

Floor polishing done using 200-3000 grit pucks only for the smoothest, most even finish;

The most environmentally-friendly option currently available on the market – compared to a high build epoxy coating, saving at least 25 tonnes of plastic on a 10,000 m 2 floor, for instance, making for an industrial/commercial flooring option that doesn’t cost the Earth;

Transform large areas in a short span of time – minimal downtime for you and your visitors/customers;

Wet floor system means it is dust free, compared to traditional methods of floor polishing, resulting in major builder cleans savings; also, a much safer option as no harmful silica concrete dust lingers around in the air;

Planned annual maintenance package for your concrete floor polishing and coating, which includes an annual refresh; the package also includes any cosmetic remedial works required each year, along with our team responding to service calls within 24 hours or less, allowing you to carry on with your business with minimal disruption;

Look more professional, work faster and safer by polishing your concrete floor

DC Flooring brings unbelievable value and cost-effectiveness with DCF Express, helping businesses passively increase ROI.

  • At least 80% faster than traditional planetary grinders. Use a safe flooring system to keep your workers, customers and visitors safer
  • No electricity required for installation. Our concrete polishing system is trusted by leading businesses across multiple industries
  • On site sampling service, for you to see the finish before committing to the whole area.
  • All installation and maintenance done in-house. If you wish to learn more about our innovate DCF Express concrete polishing solution for concrete floor renovation or how our concrete floor finishing and polishing system can help your organisation look more professional and trustworthy, get in touch with our friendly team now.

Concrete Polishing Solutions for Industrial & Commercial applications

DC Flooring’s concrete polishing flooring system was made by professional concrete grinding contractors for professional organisations like yourself. We understand the needs of commercial and industrial facility owners better than anyone else – maintaining a concrete floor alone is tough business. We’re here to take the worry off your hands so that you can focus on running and growing your business! Wet polished concrete floors treated with a special coating have now become the definitive solution for production and manufacturing facilities, academic instructions, big-box retailers, malls and supermarkets, warehouses, convention halls, etc. – you name it.
The practical benefits: an environmentally friendly floor polishing system offers are second to none, not to mention unparalleled cost-effectiveness and value for money.

Just to quickly reiterate some of the benefits we have already discussed:

  • Guests, visitors and customers will always (always!) appreciate the quality and aesthetic appeal of a polished floor vs. an unpolished one.
  • A new and unpolished floor might look all shiny and smooth, but it’s only a matter of time before scuffs, discolouration and other imperfections start to show.
  • A proper grinding and polishing process, on the other hand, will deliver a superior finish that will last years – a decade at least before requiring any major maintenance!
  • DC Flooring’s concrete floor polish and coating is dustproof, waterproof and very easy to clean.
  • Troweled concrete floors offer micro-roughness – so, you still have the beautiful, professional- looking glossy shine without sacrificing foot traction.

All subfloor preparation is done in-house using our specialised equipment – shotblasting, scabbling, and concrete grinding
You’re only a phone call away from investing in leading-class flooring systems, all approved by FeRFA.

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