Epoxy Repair Mortar

What is Epoxy Repair Mortar

Epoxy Repair Mortar is probably the most versatile product that we install. Due to its extremely high strength, fast curing properties and formable texture, it is our go-to product for substrate repairs and problem areas.

It is a three component blend of epoxy resin liquid, curing agent and specialist aggregates. Usually, trowel applied, sledged or with a screeding straight edge. It is of a relatively dry consistency.

It is usually used from a depth of 50mm to a featheredge, but there is no maximum depth that it can be applied at because it dries chemically, unlike normal sand and cement screeds with longer drying times as they need to dry by airflow. This impact and abrasion resistant granite-hard finish means this product is excellent for ramps and repairs where lesser products will fail.

When To Use An Epoxy Mortar?

Epoxy concrete repair mortar is used in various construction and repair applications where enhanced strength, durability, and chemical resistance are required. It is commonly used for structural repairs, high-strength applications, chemical and abrasion resistance, moisture and water-related applications, and in environments with temperature extremes. Proper surface preparation and following manufacturer guidelines are crucial for successful application.

Benefits of Using our Epoxy Concrete Repair Solutions

  • Heavy duty formula made up of high-quality materials and additives
  • Stronger than concrete – significantly higher tensile and compressive strength than concrete
  • Quick setting option available
  • Protective coating for a longer, more durable life
  • Standard buff or grey colour – Also available in a range of bespoke colours
  • Superb abrasion and impact properties
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Vertical surfaces – Can be used in conjunction with tack coat adhesive primer to make vertical coving or skirting
  • Can be used as a base layer for resin systems taking heavy or extreme traffic (warehouses, factories, production facilities, etc.)
  • Small amounts of repair material are easy to mix with a paddle mixer
  • Bespoke mixing is available according to specific use cases or environment
  • Offers excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates other than concrete
  • Prolongs the life of concrete floors and structures
  • Installation done by highly trained in-house fitters only
  • Weatherproof – perfect repair for interior and exterior repairs in concrete 

How to Apply Concrete Repair Epoxy Mortar on Damaged Concrete

Damaged or old concrete must be stable enough for this high-strength material. If the surrounding or base concrete is weak and friable, it must first be strengthened with a resin-based primer or strengthening system.

Repairing A Concrete Floor Early Can Add Decades To Its Life

Our experienced installers and quality products ensure a professional finish every time. Don’t just take our word for it – check out our testimonials.

Call us today, and we can arrange a site visit. One of the experienced team will then come down to assess the condition of your floor and give you the best possible options

Epoxy Mortar Repair for Ageing, Damaged or tired-looking Concrete

Epoxy mortar is an efficient and cost-effective solution for repairing all kinds of concrete. It is a polymer-based bonding paste comprising epoxy resins, mineral fillers, a binder and specific additives.

The epoxy element in this repair solution is a two-compound organic polymer which is blended with sand and also with coarse aggregate, depending on the result that is desired.

Whether epoxy mortar is used with or without aggregate, it provides an impervious environment – a barrier, so to speak – that protects cement, concrete and reinforcing steel against all kinds of corrosion and everyday wear-and-tear.

Businesses across all industries need to repair their floors from time to time, and this is where epoxy mortar repair comes in as an adhesive and paste for all kinds of concrete structural repair.

It is commonly used in industries like food and drink manufacturing, warehousing, aerospace hangers, car parks, schools, shopping malls, etc. or any commercial setting where the floor must endure a fair amount of wear and tear daily.

Concrete repair mortar based on an epoxy element can be used to conveniently fill cracks, gaps and vents in everything from patios and driveways to plazas and massive production floors in an industrial facility or plant.

The epoxy concrete repair products prepared in-house by DC Flooring are the ultimate patch material for repairing all kinds of imperfections, including gaps, crevices, and cracks in concrete floors.



Epoxy resin mortar contains a finish that’s hard and more resilient than concrete, offering extremely long durability and reliability.

Our system has also been designed to keep curing times low so that each concrete repair mortar job can be completed with minimal disruption to your business.

We have a range of sealers and high build coatings afterwards to make your floors more resistant to abrasion, corrosion, chemical spills, foot traffic, heavy machinery use and transport, etc. – whatever the daily demands may be.

Key Features And Advantages of Epoxy Concrete Repair

  • Reduced downtime – fast curing products to keep your business moving
  • Extremely hard-wearing and abrasion resistant
  • High-performance solutions for damaged, cracked, and decaying concrete
  • Solvent-free and low odour
  • Internal and external repairs
  • Dust-free cutting and grinding
  • Suitable for forklift traffic
  • Coloured repairs available to blend into existing finishes
  • Quality Installations – Fully guaranteed – Free Quotations

Why Choose DC Flooring Epoxy Concrete Repair to Ensure Business Continuity

DC Flooring’s cost-effective epoxy-based concrete repair solution is suitable for a variety of applications – whether you want to fix pot holes, repair steps, repair stair nosings, smoothen out your concrete floor or secure bedding anchors and railing posts.

Our chemical resistant mortar can also withstand extremely heavy traffic and the harshest of environments. Once our system has been installed, you have peace of mind that your business will not need to be concerned with the issues you face again.

All subfloor preparation is done in-house using our specialised equipment – shotblasting, scabbling, and concrete grinding.
You’re only a phone call away from investing in leading-class flooring systems, all approved by FeRFA.


What is the best concrete crack repair product?

Our low viscous two-part epoxy is perfect for crack repairs in concrete. A thicker product would not be able to travel as far down the crack as this special formulation provides excellent penetration.

Can you repair concrete with epoxy?

Yes, high performance epoxy is one of the best possible products for repairing any concrete floor. Feel free to contact our helpful team at any time if you need any advice.

How do you mix epoxy mortar?

Most are a three-part system, simply add the activator to the base resin and mix thoroughly for 2-3 minutes with a low-speed whisk. Once fully mixed, add the pourable resin mix to the aggregate provided. Whisk again until all of the mixture is the same consistency. Then the product is ready to be used. As with most products based on epoxy technology, you will have approx 30 minutes to work with the material before it begins to set. Then depending on the system and the site conditions, it should be able to receive traffic within 5-6 hours.  However, there are many different products on the market, so always consult the data sheet of the material you are using.

Can you patch concrete?

Your damaged concrete surfaces are easily patched with this product. General purpose epoxy primer and our epoxy resin repair mortar provide permanent repairs to spalled and damaged areas. As long as any loose material is first removed and the adjoining substrate is sound, this heavy-duty epoxy resin solution is ideal for your floor repair. 

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