Concrete Floor Grinding

Concrete Grinding Services for a Smooth, Level and Even Concrete Base

Concrete grinding or sometimes, ‘diamond grinding’ is a term you may have heard in commercial facilities and business establishments.

Once any unwanted floor covering has been removed, the subfloor beneath is typically uneven and rough, with other imperfections including coatings, adhesives and contaminates. Installing various kinds of flooring on top of that can be quite challenging. However, after concrete floor grinding, the smooth and even base allows for optimal installation of your flooring.

However, grinding is typically done on surfaces where the bond of the flooring system needs to be strong and stand up to extremely heavy traffic  – for example, aircraft hangers, car parking lots, production and manufacturing facilities, etc. All of these require the concrete surface to be even, followed by a special coating to provide safe and hygienic working conditions which we can provide.

DC Flooring (UK) Ltd are nationwide experts in making concrete floors flat, even and usable in a variety of commercial as well as industrial settings – including warehouses, factories, schools, malls, multi-storey car parks (MSCPs), aerospace hangers and production facilities, industrial plants, food and drink manufacturing facilities, and more. 

Our state-of-the-art grinding machinery allows us to achieve a number of floor flattening processes, and what truly sets us apart is that we do it in a virtually dust-free way – keeping you, your workers, visitors and especially business machinery/equipment safe and sound.

An abrasibe disc, cup wheel, carbide pad or diamond segment (depending on the application) are fixed to the underside of the machinery. These diamond segments are strong and robust enough to grind surfaces to a smooth and even finish, as long as it is done by an experienced professional.

Our in house teams are highly experienced and trained in using small handheld grinders for small areas where ‘edging’ may be required only. For larger areas, we use the latest high-powered triple-headed planetary machinery, leaving you with a really smooth and level floor. At this stage, it is up to you what kind of finish you require. We are here to help you choose the perfect solution for your unique application – we have hundreds of solutions to provide you with a hygienic and aesthetically pleasing work environment.

Benefits of Concrete Floor Grinding Service

One look at the before and after pictures below, and you can clearly see how the finishing speaks for itself. Industrial and commercial floors can take a lot of beating on a day-to-day basis, especially with all the heavy equipment being hauled across the floor, the daily foot traffic, spills and stains, or heavy objects being dropped. Epoxy coatings, paints, adhesives, bitumen and levelling compounds can all be removed through concrete or diamond grinding. 

Once you remove these contaminants from concrete or screeds, it provides a clean base which is absolutely perfect for your new floor to be installed – or for your concrete base to be coated with a protective layer of markings, signage, signs, etc. Our team can help you with both, depending on what your end goals may be.

We are always very careful to carry out each job with safety and convenience in mind, causing minimal disruption to your daily business activities and without posing any health risks to the building’s occupants.

Our concrete floor grinding system is integrated with powerful vacuums to ensure that no harmful airborne particles are sent into the air. This creates a safe environment for you and your staff and visitors, as well as for our team who can work at full steam without having to worry about inhaling nasty particles.

Another major benefit of using these powerful integrated vacuums is that the areas we work in are kept immaculately clean as all the dust and micro-debris is collected in specially designed tear-proof internal bags. This means that even when we need to empty the vacuums, the dust is never sent into the air.

Our Concrete Floor Grinding Services

For environments that require a completely 100% dust free installation we can also provide a dust free tent that our machines can work in. We then combine this with air purifiers inside the tent creating a system where it is impossible for any dust to escape into the air. Sensitive areas where we have used this system before include data centres, aerospace, electronic component manufacture, pharmaceutical and food processing to name but a few.

For safety and convenience alone, we would urge you to always choose a professional subfloor preparation company to undertake your concrete grinding or diamond grinding requirements – where you should always ask them if they are willing to do the job in a dust-free way.

Unfortunately, most diamond concrete grinding services today use vacuums that are not powerful enough to cope with the dust that a commercial-grade floor grinder generates. This results in harmful dust coating everything in your warehouse, office or home. Not only is it damaging for office equipment or the electronic devices spread out across the space but it can also be very costly and time-consuming to clean – not to mention the health hazard it poses.

Whether you require grinding, smoothing, levelling, polishing or roughening of substrates, DC Flooring has the latest cutting-edge machinery and decades of expertise to take care of all kinds of surface preparation in a dust-free way.

The Leading-Class Concrete Grinding Equipment We Use

At DC Flooring, we have invested in the best floor grinding equipment, ensuring a high-quality job every single time.

All our machines are serviced and maintained to guarantee maximum performance and this is all done according to the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations only to ensure peak output and performance. We never show up to a job working with machines that we are not familiar with.

In addition to working with leading machinery manufacturers, we also use the most effective and practical grinding techniques to guarantee satisfaction with each job.

As a company we also offer polished concrete options, this can be done either wet with a slurry or dry. Cross-hatching is a technique we use in diamond grinding and polished concrete – i.e. operating in a north-south and then east-west grid pattern. We do this both when changing grits and when performing more than one pass per grit.

Cross-hatching provides more consistent refinement across the entire surface and helps to avoid any visible lines which may be left behind in the floor, something which is often referred to as “corn rows”.

In addition to cross-hatching, we can also work in a diagonal pattern to create a third cutting angle as this improves the refinement process further. This all depends on the finish that you are trying to achieve.

Why Choose DC Flooring as Your Concrete Grinding Expert?

  • We only use high quality machinery for grinding, honing and edging your floor.
  • When working with larger, more sensitive areas, we erect a dust-free tent across the site to ensure 100% dust control. The tent is outfitted with strong air filters to ensure that the working site remains 100% dust-free.
  • We use heavy-duty 3-phase 415v power planetary grinders and 3-phase 415v vacuums.
  • We also use large ride-on and remote control machines for bigger areas – effectively cutting down on worker fatigue and increasing speed as well as production, effectively cutting down on turnaround times.
  • We use smaller machines for tight/small areas – e.g. handheld edging machine with a diamond cup grinding wheel is ideal for edge work.
  • We can also grind wooden, metal, bitumen, asphalt, tarmac, tile, natural stone, limestone, sandstone and masonry floors.
  • The abrasive materials that we select and supply vary depending on the size of stone, stone exposure and make up of the area. Every job is different.
  • We can laser survey and carry out grinding for VNA warehouses and distribution centres, which require optimum flatness. Our team will visit your facility to perform a free initial survey and provide a free, no-obligation quote.
  • We offer both dry polished concrete systems, wet polished and polished screed systems.
  • Our team is known for the delivery of perfect preparation for resin and all other flooring systems.
  • Removal and repair of delaminated mortar and concrete is a problem that we resolve for companies on a regular basis.
  • To deliver an exceptional subfloor in the minimum amount of time, you need to pick the perfect tool that completes the job safely and in rapid time. We stock all of the options that may be possibly required to complete your project. Ensuring there are no lengthy delays in waiting for deliveries.

All subfloor preparation is done in-house using our specialised equipment – shotblasting, scabbling, and concrete grinding.
You’re only a phone call away from investing in leading-class flooring systems, all approved by FeRFA.


Can I grind concrete myself?

We would not recommend this to an amatuer as it can be dangerous, expensive and extremely dusty. However, yes it is possible to grind concrete yourself. DIY projects can be undertaken by hiring machinery, however do be carefull to use the correct tools and segements on the project as using the wrong combination of tools can result in extremely expensive mistakes as most hire companies charge by each MM of wear on there tooling. It is not uncommon for a novice user to completely destroy a set of tooling in minutes, which some hire companies can be charging up to £1000 for. If you are adamant on undertaking these works yourself,  ideally download our preparation guide and subscribe to our newsletter to try to avoid these costly mistakes.

Above all – Please be careful – the machinery used for these works are extremely powerful and cause a great deal of bodily harm, even a small angle grinder can be fatal. All of our operatives are fully trained and have vast experience in using heavy duty machines. 

How much will a concrete grinder remove?

If the subfloor is soft then you are able to remove as much as you want. However if the subfloor is hard each pass could only take 1mm off. Normally if you need to take anymore than 5mm off of the substrate we would recommend other methods like scabbling.

Are concrete grinders easy to use?

For trained professionals the answer is yes. However if it is your first time it is easy to make mistakes. There are lots of variables to consider which include – tooling selection, rotation speed, power, extraction, stone exposure, compressive strength and profile required. If the finish that you require isn’t important as it is going to be covered by something substatial and all of the other variables have been considered then some grinders are quite straightforward to use. There are however many manufactureres on the market and some are much easier to use then others.

How long does it take to grind concrete?

This is dependant on a number of variables. The strength of the floor, the size of the item of machinery being used, the tooling that is being used, how much is required to be taken off and the power that is available on site. But as a guide, a 800mm wide 400 volt, heavy duty machine with diamond tip tooling can prepare approx 500m2 per 8 hour shift.

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