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Bespoke & Quality Flooring for Food and Drinks Manufacturing

The food and drinks industries in the UK are not only huge but also some of the most heavily regulated ones – and rightly so as they have a direct impact on people’s health.

From ‘farm to fork’ facilities used to raise, produce and prepare a variety of foods to those packaging and serving different types of meat and dairy products to those specialising in the brewing and distribution of various alcoholic and fizzy drinks – the various food & drinks manufacturing sectors have very strict requirements when it comes to overall hygiene – which exist to facilitate ease of cleaning, prevent diseases and cater to product specific demands like chemical resistance and special areas to keep flour and other fine powders fully fresh.

Across these sectors within the food and drink industry, there are also very significant and highly specific requirements related to impact and abrasion resistance as these affect the loading and unloading of products, as well as how they are bottled and packaged for distribution & sale.

Naturally, the kind of flooring and floor coating used in a food and drink manufacturing facility plays a pivotal role in meeting all of the above requirements, allowing businesses to carry out their operations in a safe, clean, hygienic and legally compliant way.

DC Flooring provides fully bespoke food and drinks flooring systems as well as coating, decking and waterproof systems – providing floor services which are easy to clean, watertight, and impermeable, thus, preventing the build-up of bacteria, germs, viruses or pathogens – as all of these measures are critical to being successful in this industry.

Our highly reliable food and drinks floor coating, for example, complies with the highest safety and hygiene standards, requiring low day-to-day maintenance and a finish which is very easy to clean and requires minimal upkeep throughout the year.

The food and drinks floor systems we supply and install on a custom-tailored basis are fully resistant to the corrosive materials and by-products used in food & drink manufacturing, such as sugars, alkalis, oils and grease, natural food acids, acidic ingredients and different kinds of organic compounds, not to mention the cleaning chemicals and other contaminants which the floor may be exposed to.

We also understand that temperature resistance is an important factor to consider in the food and drinks manufacturing industries, as the bulk of the work needs to be done in both cold and hot areas – from chillers and freezers to ovens and fryers, just to keep up with the daily production orders.

Heavy machinery, forklifts and other vehicles or equipment used in the production, packaging and distribution of food and drinks means that good abrasion resistance should be at the heart of every resin flooring solution. DC Flooring understands the daily demands of ‘farm to fork’ facilities, offering customised food and drinks decking, where all our systems, coating and other materials help you meet day-to-day production demands as well as comply with regulatory laws.

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Find the right flooring system for food and drinks manufacturing

Flooring solutions for meat and poultry

DC Flooring provides a comprehensive solution for meat and poultry production businesses through speciality polymer and antimicrobial treated systems.

All throughout the UK and EU, meat and poultry processing facilities must comply with the strictest food safety management systems. Safety and hygiene is always a very high priority as foodborne illnesses can easily manifest due to contaminated meat products.

Furthermore, meat and poultry production units are regularly exposed to aggressive cleaning routines and contaminants such as grease, oil and blood. This calls for very tough floor coatings with appropriate hygiene protection along with a high-grade texture to prevent falls, slips and other accidents.

Our flooring solution for meat and poultry is based on specially treated resin and antimicrobial coating systems which can keep meat and poultry production factories running safely, hygienically and smoothly.

Flooring solution for breweries

You may have observed how breweries have specialty polymer flooring systems installed throughout their brewing and bottling areas as well as tasting rooms – instead of the typical ceramic or tile finishes. There’s a very good reason for that: resin flooring systems are increasingly being used in breweries because their superb performance characteristics and design versatility.

DC Flooring specialises in providing a comprehensive package comprising the highest quality resin and HACCP International certified antimicrobial treated flooring system – designed to meet the daily safety and hygiene needs of brewhouses.

Brewery floors are daily subjected to spills and stains, as well as foot traffic and heavy loads. Plus, thermal shock, caustic chemicals, slip resistance and overall hygiene are also a key concern. Our resin flooring systems feature a smooth and seamless non-porous surface, ensuring that no bacteria or mould spores can grow on the surface, while also ensuring optimal traction and load resistance.

Flooring solution for wineries

Have you noticed how more and more wineries have specialist resin flooring systems all throughout the facility, and not the usual concrete or tile finishes? Resin flooring systems are a key component of vineyards and wine estates, whether they are working ‘behind the scenes’ in rooms where wine is fermented or aged, or in tasting rooms where experts are giving it their seal of approval.

DC Flooring offers flooring systems for wineries which boast excellent performance characteristics and design versatility. Our specialist resin and antimicrobial treated floor coating system ensures that all areas of your winery are catered to, allowing you to conduct daily operations with the utmost safety and hygiene at the forefront.

Our comprehensive range of specialist resin floor finishes are ISO 22196 and HACCP International certified, using the best-quality polyurethane flooring materials to offer the ultimate protection against microbial growth and day-to-day surface degradation. We understand how a winery’s floor is subject to quite a bit of wear-and-tear owing to the acid-rich and humid conditions, as well as occasional impact damage due to moving around barrels or distillation equipment.

Flooring solution for dairy products

Dairy and cheese plants, like nearly all wet processing facilities, can really put unprotected concrete flooring to the test. On the other hand, the right protective floor coating systems offer just the right level of chemical resistance, protecting the floor from lactic acids, proteins and dairy fats, while also providing an anti-slip surface which can be easily cleaned and degreased.

Plus, floors in dairy processing plants see a lot of forklift and pallet truck movement, in addition to thermal shock conditions due to all the pressurised steam cleaning – both can cause mechanical damage and cause your floor to wear out prematurely.

DC Flooring’s specialist resin and antimicrobial treated flooring systems create the safest, most hygiene and aesthetically pleasing environment in a dairy processing facility, motivating workers and keeping them safe as they work to roll out your product to stores across the nation.

Our resin-based protective floor coating systems for dairy processing facilities offer a smooth, seamless and non-porous surface where there are practically no chances of bacteria or mould spores growing.

Only the best food and drinks flooring to keep operations running smoothly

As a business in the food and drinks manufacturing industry, you’re likely no stranger to how the environments used for food/drink processing are exposed to many different corrosive by-products – not to mention a variety of natural food acids, sugar solutions, blood, hot oils and fats, depending on which sector you are in.

To maximise safety as well as reduce premature wear-and-tear and especially contamination, HACCP International has certified the use of specific materials and coatings which have been tested to the highest hygiene standard.

DC Flooring is proud to provide consistently high quality flooring solutions for food and drinks manufacturing facilities, where a clean and high performance finish helps ensure the best safety and hygiene standards.

One of the antimicrobial agents we use in our floor coatings and systems is an ion-based additive which works proactively to prevent bacteria and mould growth on treated surfaces. In addition, all of our food and drinks floor systems meet the ISO 22916 standard, which is used to benchmark the effectiveness of a surface’s antibacterial capabilities.

No more painful slips and trip or paying for damages due to heavy traffic, foot movement and equipment use – no more worrying about your staff getting sick or food/drink being produced in potentially unsafe and unhygienic conditions. When working with us as your food and drinks floor systems specialist, you can expect the following at the very least:

  • Bespoke food and drinks floor coating for every sector
  • All preparatory work done by our in-house team
  • Fast cure systems
  • All floor and wall coatings have specially formulated anti-microbial systems
  • Textured anti-slip surface for optimal foot and mobile equipment grip
  • Quality resin covering comes standard for food and drinks manufacturing
  • Coved skirting details to make cleaning and maintenance hassle free
  • Hygienic wall coatings to further protect your staff and provide additional peace of mind
  • DC Flooring has a bespoke food and drinks floor coating solution, depending on your business scale and the sector you are in.

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