Concria Optimal Slab

What is Concria Optimal Slab?

By installing state of the art coloured dry-shake floor toppings, DC Flooring are able to provide you with the strongest decorative floor finish on the market. The secret of a durable, long-lasting, and the almost maintenance-free floor is a combination of industrial dry-shake, nanotechnology, and the unique products Concria has developed for surface finishing.

Concria Optimal Slab™ Industrial dry-shakes are made from uniquely hard and coarse aggregates, modified Portland cement, polypropylene microfibers, and additives. The cement reacts with the nanosilica densifier, which is applied during the installation, improving the bond, and making the surface denser and harder.

Thanks to the polypropylene fibers and Concria’s patented technology, plastic shrinkage and delamination are minimised, and the finished surface is smoother and glossier than usual. The smooth and denser surface reduces forklift tire, foot traffic or any other wear, so it is easier to maintain a fault free floor that looks amazing.

Decorative Polished Concrete Revolution

We invite you to be part of concrete revolution. Thanks to the Concria Optimal Slab™ topping system, we can install polished design concrete floors faster than ever before!

Firstly we install a high strength concrete designed to your specification. While still wet, we install the specialist topping onto the freshly laid concrete by use of ride on power trowels. Typically concrete floors can be polished after 21-28 days after casting. Concria Optimal Slab™ surfaces can be ground and polished into high gloss in just 7 days after casting, as the compressive strength is already over 5000 psi. With this industry leading power trowel polishing system, it’s possible to grind and polish the surface 80 % faster than with traditional grinding methods.

Speed Up Construction Schedules!


Create Brighter, Lighter, Healthier and More Productive Space

Light reflectivity impacts directly to functionality, productivity, safety and energy consumption of a space. Light reflectance value (LRV) tells how much the surface reflects daylight and artificial light. All white surface has the value 100% and all black matt surface gets 0%. Floors with high LRV values helps reflect the light all around the space. Energy consumption can be effected by the colour scheme of the interior.

White surfaces are not done only with epoxy anymore, now you can have the same aesthetic look with maintenance free, high durability dryshake.

LRV on different surfaces:

Concria Optimal Slab White 75%

Concria Optimal Slab Light grey 44%

Polished concrete surface 24%

Concrete (OPC) 19%

Burn finished concrete 11%

Durable, Long-Lasting and Stylish Floor

Optimal Slab™ toppings are manufactured from uniquely shaped mineral aggregates, special modified Portland cement, microfibers which together react with Concria™ Trowel Hard and provides extraordinary adhesion and hardness (10800 psi, Böhme A6, Mohs 7). That’s why it is perfect to use in high-traffic and high-use areas like a supermarket or grocery store.

Polished design concrete is not only a practical and economical option, but it’s also a stylish one. Current design trends have seen polished concrete become more and more popular for designers and architects looking for an upscale look. The striking aesthetic of polishable dry shake keeps buildings looking modern, sleek and clean.

The system offers a range of standard colours, but specific bespoke colours can be created too. The level of gloss can be adjusted based on the desired look of the finished product, with a high-gloss finish providing an attractive shine that looks modern without appearing too industrial or sterile. Concria’s crown jewel is Pure White topping with a high-gloss finish.

High-Quality Surface with Revolutionary Nano-Sized Technology

Concria™ Trowel Hard makes topping cement hydration more efficient. Well-hydrated, dense cement paste slows moisture loss during finishing and permanently improves the topping performance. Because of nano silica technology, the risk for delamination, curling and cracking and other drying-related pathologies are significantly reduced. Trowel Hard improves the surface consolidation, and the densifying reaction increases the surface compressive strength and durability, creating an extremely abrasion-resistant finish. The topping is treated with nano silica during the casting and doesn’t need any silicate (Lithium, Sodium, Potassium) treatment later.

Ecological Choice

Sustainability and being ecological are essential topics in the modern world. According to the University of Linköping in Sweden, concrete floor greenhouse gas emission GWP- factor is 90, significantly lower than Epoxy (GWP 17 000). Concria Optimal Slab™ is a concrete floor that improves indoor air quality by being a dust-free with no toxic chemicals nor high chromate substances. Couple this with the fact that these floors are designed to last much longer than resin products, you have an extremely environmentally friendly option.


Fast implementation and deployment

Large lifespan

Extremely environmentally friendly

Dense, smooth, and seamless surface

Maintains good indoor air quality

Very low maintenance and service costs

Hide Metal Fibers

The benefits of using dry-shake toppings in concrete floors have been known for a while. In Slab-on-grade floors, where typically steel and plastic macrofibres are used, visible fibers on the top are a problem. Plastic fibers can be burned away but removing steel fibers is a challenge. Patented Concria Optimal Slab™ Industrial floors hide all metal and plastic fibers, as you can easily apply 7 kg of dry-shake per m2 with this innovative system.

Permissible amounts of fibers remaining on the surface (fiber / m2)

Right Dry Shake For any Space

Concria offers three different dry-shake hardeners with different wear resistance, impact resistance, and strength. Therefore, a suitable Concria™ Optimal Slab™ Industrial topping can be found for medium, hard, and extreme wear, e.g., industry, data centres, and logistics centres.



Abrasion resistance is an essential performance requirement in commercial and industrial floors. Floors can be exposed to quite aggressive actions from trucks and foot traffic. The disc abrader conforming to the Böhme method consists of a rotating wheel made of cast iron, 750 mm dia., with a defined test track to receive the abrasive material (white corundum sand) and a no-vibration specimen holder with a two arms lever loading device.

The test specimen is clamped with a holder and submitted to a test force of 294 +/-3 N. After the abrasive is sprinkled on the disc, the disc starts to rotate with a constant speed for a certain number of cycles according to Standards EN 1338. At the end of the test, the abrasion effect is measured as the loss (A= cm3 / 50 cm2) in specimen thickness or volume.

Main Benefits of using Concria™ Fast power Trowel

Super-fast application

Polishable in 7 days

80 % faster polishing speed

2 x more durable than 5000 psi polished concrete

3 x more durable than terrazzo tiles

Wear resistance A6 (Böhme) Hardness 7 (Mohs scale)

Green solution (Low VOC)

Promotes clean indoor air

High quality solution

Minimum risk of efflorescence, delamination, curling and crazing

Jointless floor

Easy maintenance and low life cycle costs

Concria Optimal Slab™ Decorative Colour Palete

In addition to its durability and sustainability, it is a versatile aesthetic flooring option. Its customisable colour options make Concria optimal slab™ deco topping system suitable for a variety of design styles and preferences. 

There are 10 different colours in the standard Concria Optimal Slab™ deco topping system polished design range. The Industrial Systems standard colour is Concrete Grey, however, all RAL colours are available on request.

Contact us today to see if your project qualifies to join our waiting list for this game changing system.


How does the cost of Concria Optimal Slab compare to traditional concrete solutions?

The initial cost of Concria Optimal Slab may be slightly higher than traditional concrete solutions, but its low life cycle costs and easy maintenance make it a more cost-effective option in the long run. Its durability also reduces the need for frequent repairs and replacements.

As we know in every industry “time is money!”, traditional decorative concrete can usually only be polished 28 days after casting. However this is greatly reduced using Concria™ trowel hard dry shake hardener, meaning polishing can commence 7 days after casting as compression strength is already achieved. This means high shine concrete floors can be installed faster than ever. The savings that this gives our customers can go a long way to offset the cost of the floor itself.

With a lifespan of of over 50 years, longevity wise, there isn’t a more cost effective solution 

Is Concria Optimal Slab environmentally friendly?

The longevity of this innovative system alone makes this flooring option extremely environmentally friendly. When you couple this with the saving of energy that companies make from lighting due to the light reflection values of this concrete topping, this product has a major positive impact on the environment.  

Can Concria Optimal Slab be customised in terms of colour and texture?

There are limitless colour options with this system. The topping is applied on freshly laid concrete by adding special dry shake hardeners in 2-4 layers. These coloured layers, once polished, produce a stunning polished concrete floor that can be customised to suit any environment.

What is the typical lifespan of a Concria Optimal Slab surface?

Concria Optimal Slab has a lifespan of over 50 years with proper installation and maintenance. This makes it a highly durable flooring solution that can withstand heavy foot traffic and various environmental conditions.

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