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Industrial and Warehousing Flooring Solutions

Industrial and warehousing flooring solutions are a critical component of any successful operation. The right flooring solution not only ensures employee safety but also impacts productivity and efficiency. From ultra-durable concrete polishing to high-performance resin finishes, these solutions cater to the wide-ranging needs of diverse industries.

They are designed to withstand the rigours of fork trucks, heavy machinery, constant foot traffic, stillages and even chemical spills while maintaining their functionality and aesthetic appeal over time. The selection process involves careful consideration of factors such as durability, maintenance requirements, cost-effectiveness, and environmental impact. Ultimately, the goal is to provide a seamless blend of utility and longevity that supports the day-to-day activities within industrial settings and warehouses.

Our Range of Industrial and Warehouse Flooring Systems

We offer a range of specialist finishes that cater to every different warehouse environment. Below are are list of some of the most popular products.


High Build Epoxy Resin

High Build Epoxy Resin is an extremely popular choice in warehouse environments. This product is a cost effective flooring solution suitable for pallet trucks and fork trucks, common in any busy warehouse. Designed to handle the heavy traffic and intense operations typical in industrial environments. This seamless floor finish not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your facility but is also low maintenance and resistant to oil and chemicals.

It’s also easy to create walkways and line marking with this system, due to the wide range of different colours that are available with this epoxy resin coating. Aggregates can be added in between coats to make anti-slip safety flooring; this can be necessary in areas that are prone to spills to prevent the risk of slips and falls.

DCF Express Polishing System

DCF Express is the fastest-growing industrial flooring solution on the market for a good reason. Polished concrete is widely renowned for its tough and resilient properties and as the perfect flooring system for industrial use. However, the traditional technique of achieving this finish was time-consuming and relatively expensive, that is until our innovative system was introduced. Now sleek polished concrete can be achieved in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. 

This system comes with a 10 year guarantee, which can extended annually with our maintenance package, meaning budgeting is easy, and there is no need for a costly floor replacement.

It’s also the most environmentally friendly industrial and commercial flooring option on the market. Turning your existing concrete warehouse floor into an extremely hard wearing, decorative surface with minimal products and energy. This floor also keeps saving energy after it has been installed, due to its highly reflective nature up to half of your existing lighting may not be needed. This will make a big difference environmentally and will minimise your carbon footprint.

PU Screed 

PU Screed is the hardest wearing of all of the resin flooring systems and is well equipped to deal with the harshest demands of warehouse activity. What makes them stand out is their exceptional resistance to heat, making them ideal for facilities that deal with high temperatures or require sterilization processes. PU Screed flooring also showcases excellent resilience against heavy impact, ensuring that your floor can withstand intense operations without compromising its structure. On top of these features, this type of flooring can offer a non-slip surface which significantly improves the safety of your workforce. PU Screed represents a long-lasting and cost-effective investment for any professional warehouse space.

Anti-static Flooring

Anti-static flooring is another exceptional warehouse flooring option, especially for those dealing with sensitive electronics or flammable materials. The unique feature of this specialist flooring type is its ability to dissipate static electricity, thereby reducing the risk of electrical shocks and potential fire hazards. Anti-static floors are designed to resist abrasion and chemical spills, ensuring durability and longevity even under heavy-duty use such as forklift trucks. They also provide a safe working environment by offering the option of a non-slip surface. When it comes to managing electrostatic discharge in your facility while maintaining operational efficiency, anti-static flooring proves to be an invaluable investment.

MMA Resin Flooring

MMA resin flooring provides a fast-cure solution for warehouses where time is of the essence. As flooring contractors, we can offer a range of different commercial and industrial finishes in a short time with this product. It can be installed in cold conditions without delaying the curing time, which is why it is commonly found in refrigerated areas. 

It can be installed as a smooth finish, anti-slip, decorative flake, and can even be used for deep repairs that need to be trafficked straight away. There is also a flexible version that can be installed over wooden flooring so that even your mezzanine can be transformed. Due to the variety of applications it can be used, is one of the reasons it is so popular across the UK. 

Interlocking Floor Tiles

Industrial floor tiles are designed to withstand heavy loads and traffic. They are used for fast-track installations as they act as a floating floor, and as long as the floor is in relatively good condition, no floor preparation is required. These warehouse floor tiles are designed with an interlocking system that holds them together. Although unsuitable for all applications, this versatile product can be a quick-fix solution. If the subfloor is in a bad state, preparation may be required to install them.

Top Benefits of Industrial-grade Epoxy Resin Flooring for Your Warehouse

Epoxy resin warehouse flooring comes in a number of different grades, thicknesses, and finishes. This resin flooring solution is perfect for either your existing concrete surface or new warehouse floors.


Hardwearing and Built to Last

Designed to endure even the most rigorous operations, this type of flooring is renowned for its exceptional durability. Unlike conventional flooring options that may succumb under heavy loads or constant traffic, epoxy resin floors retain their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal over extended periods of time. What sets them apart is their impressive resistance to wear and tear, spills, and even chemical attacks. This makes them an ideal choice for warehouses where such challenges are part and parcel of daily operations. In addition to providing superior resilience, they can be customized in thickness and finish to suit specific requirements, further enhancing their usefulness in diverse industrial contexts. 


Safety is another critical aspect that makes hard wearing flooring an excellent choice for industrial settings. More importantly, these floors are slip-resistant, ensuring safety underfoot even in conditions where spills or dampness may occur. Moreover, their seamless surface eliminates tripping hazards often associated with cracks or joints in traditional flooring. They are also easy to clean and maintain, reducing the risk of harmful bacteria or mould growth. All these factors contribute to creating a safer environment for employees and visitors alike, making epoxy resin flooring a practical and reliable option for industrial settings.

Very Easy to Clean and Maintain

These systems are also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Owing to their seamless nature, there are no crevices or and limited joints where dirt or grime can accumulate. A simple routine of sweeping and occasional mopping will keep the floor in pristine condition. This flooring type is resistant to many types of damages like stains, cracks or scratches which might otherwise require regular repairs with other floorings. The reduced need for extensive maintenance translates into cost savings over time, making epoxy resin flooring a smart investment for any industrial setting. 

Professional-looking and Aesthetically Pleasing Markings and Signage

Epoxy resin isn’t just about practicality and durability; it also has a distinct aesthetic appeal. The glossy, seamless surface provides a professional and modern look that can elevate any industrial environment. Moreover, this type of flooring offers the flexibility to incorporate markings and signage directly into the floor. This is not only an effective way to enhance safety measures by clearly demarcating hazardous areas or directing traffic, but it can also be used creatively to reinforce branding or create visually striking designs. 

Quick and Easy to Install

The installation process involves preparing the surface, applying the epoxy coatings, and then leaving them to cure. Within a relatively short timeframe, you’ll have a hard-wearing, glossy floor that meets and exceeds industry standards. This efficiency in installation translates into less downtime for your business and a faster return on investment, making it an ideal choice for industries where time is of the essence.


The material’s durability means it requires less frequent replacement than standard flooring options, resulting in reduced long-term costs. Additionally, the upkeep of epoxy floors is relatively low-maintenance, with simple cleaning routines adequate to maintain their shine and cleanliness. This translates into significant savings in terms of both time and materials spent on maintenance. Furthermore, the high-gloss finish of epoxy floors can effectively reflect lighting within a space, potentially reducing energy costs by enhancing natural light utilization. These combined factors make these products an economically sound choice for businesses looking to maximize their operational efficiency while maintaining aesthetic appeal.


The high-gloss finish of this type of flooring significantly improves brightness in a workspace, thereby reducing the need for additional lighting and contributing to energy efficiency.

Also, the epoxy manufacturing process requires fewer resources than other materials while still providing superior durability. This means their long life span reduces waste generated from frequent replacements. 

Polished Concrete Floor vs Epoxy Resin – Which One is a Better Industrial Floor Choice?

Deciding on an industrial floor choice between polished concrete and epoxy resin flooring can depend on various factors. While both options offer durability and aesthetic appeal, their unique characteristics set them apart.

Polished concrete floors are renowned for their strength and minimal maintenance requirements. They can withstand heavy traffic, making them ideal for industries with high footfalls or machinery movement. However, they tend to be cold underfoot and might not suit environments where employees stand for long periods. 

On the other hand, warehouse epoxy flooring is not only robust but also offers a variety of finishing options. Therefore, the choice between these two largely depends on your specific industry needs and sustainability goals.

Why Choose DC Flooring as Your Warehouse Flooring Installer?

At DC Flooring our main objective is to deliver the correct floor which is fit for purpose, your purpose. Due to the fact we install all industrial flooring for warehouses, we can give you a completely impartial view of what system will suit you best.

The use of a specialised warehouse flooring contractor is key to successfully installing all the previously mentioned systems. With over twenty years of experience in warehouse flooring installations and a huge back catalogue of successful projects, we believe there is no company more qualified than ourselves.

Get in touch using our contact form or call our office for any of your flooring needs. Contact us today for professional advice and a free quote.


How thick should industrial flooring be?

This is dependent on the system that is being installed and the usage that the area is going to have. Just because a product is thicker doesn’t mean it’s the best fit for the job. If a floor receives occasional forklift traffic and heavy foot traffic, a 0.5mm resin system will last a considerable amount of time. On the other hand, if an area needs to be steam cleaned regularly,  then an 8-9mm resin system could be the best choice. It is important not to over-engineer floor specifications, as this can be a huge waste of money for businesses.

What is the toughest industrial floor?

The toughest industrial floor is typically a polyurethane screed flooring system. PU floors have excellent chemical resistance, impact resistance and durability, making them ideal for heavy-duty environments. They are also extremely resistant to thermal shock, making them suitable for use in areas with extreme temperature fluctuations.

Other factors that can contribute to an industrial floor’s toughness include the coating’s thickness, substrate preparation techniques, and proper installation procedures.

What floor is best for a workshop?

The best floor for a workshop will depend on the specific needs and requirements of the workshop. However, some common options include epoxy flooring, polyurethane screed flooring, polished concrete and interlocking tiles. Each of these options has its own strengths and benefits that make them suitable for different workshop flooring environments.

Always try to foresee the main problems the floor will encounter. If heavy tools are going to be dropped on a regular basis, then go for a floor with high-impact resistance. If your workshop is always slippery due to sawdust on the floor, then go for a textured floor that will prevent slips and falls. There are countless variations, but don’t be concerned; we are here to help. Contact us today, and we will be happy to guide you through the options.

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