Case Study – BSTN

Client Overview: 

BSTN, a renowned luxury clothing brand known for its high-end fashion, was in search of an elegant and functional solution for their retail store. The client had a vision for a smooth, refined polished concrete aesthetic across the floors, walls, skirtings, and ceilings, requiring a design that combined visual sophistication with durability to withstand the challenges of constant foot traffic.


The challenge lay in the diversity of substrates – plywood, concrete, plasterboard, and particle board – Calling for a solution that could flawlessly adhere to these diverse surfaces. With only the concrete section providing a fully solid base, a tailored approach was essential to achieve the desired consistency.


Our skilled team proposed the perfect solution by implementing flexible microcement. This pioneering material not only fulfilled the client’s need for a smooth polished concrete appearance but also offered versatility for walls and ceilings. The flexible microcement not only achieved the desired industrial concrete aesthetic envisioned by BSTN but also minimised the impact on surface thickness, addressing the specific concerns raised by the client.


The flexible microcement not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. The flawless polished concrete effect added a touch of sophistication to BSTN’s retail space while providing a durable and resilient surface capable of withstanding the demanding foot traffic of a busy outlet.


Our tailored solution not only showcased our technical expertise but also highlighted our commitment to meeting the unique needs of our clients. The success of the BSTN project stands as a testament to our capability to blend aesthetics and functionality seamlessly. At DC Flooring, we take pride in transforming challenges into opportunities and delivering exceptional results that align with the vision of our clients.

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