Case Study – Chilworth Manor

Client Overview: 

Chilworth Manor, set against the backdrop of a picturesque vineyard landscape, sought to revamp their wine tasting room. With a vision to create a functional and inviting space for wine enthusiasts, we embarked on a journey to transform their venue.


The project encountered many hurdles, including cracks in the calcium screed and poorly fitted doorways. Rectifying these issues demanded meticulous attention to detail. Doorways needed resin mortar repairs due to substandard details in the subbase. Moreover, the doors were improperly set, requiring grinding of 6mm from the existing floor to blend it with the original height, ensuring a flawless finish without any imperfections.


Innovation and precision guided the solution phase. Cracks were filled with penetrating hardening resin, ensuring a smooth surface. Given the calcium screed’s characteristics, a thin velocity primer was used for optimal adhesion. Followed by the application of a water-based epoxy, fortified with two coats. The floor received thorough priming with a water-based primer, facilitating adhesion to the screed. Epoxy resin, enhanced with quartz, was applied to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal. Careful attention was paid to prevent mesh shadowing through the floor. The application of Ideal Works Microtopping [Classic Beige], followed by sanding and layering. Finally, polyurethane sealers were applied, cementing the project’s success. Adjustments were also made to door heights, blending the floor to its original height.


The once flawed wine tasting room now boasts a smooth, sleek microcement surface. Offering durability and elegance, the surface is ideal for foot traffic. Its non-slip properties ensure safety, while its easy-to-clean nature simplifies maintenance. The transformation has not only enhanced the space’s aesthetic appeal but also elevated its functionality, creating an inviting atmosphere for guests.


Chilworth Manor’s satisfaction stands as a testament to the project’s success. Through precise execution, every challenge was met with innovative solutions. The transformed wine tasting room exceeds expectations, offering a space where visitors can indulge in the finest wines amidst unparalleled beauty and sophistication. This project exemplifies the power of vision, expertise, and collaboration in delivering exceptional results.

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