Case Study – Motorbike Centre

Client Overview: 

We were entrusted with the task of refreshing the flooring, including minor repairs, anti-slip treatments, and line-marked bays for a Motorbike Centre in Chelmsford.


Our project faced a significant hurdle: effectively addressing blown screed that had debonded from the main concrete slab, all while minimising costs and avoiding a complete slab replacement. Unexpectedly, we encountered thin granolithic screed atop the concrete slab, intensifying the complexity. Despite these challenges, we successfully devised cost-effective solutions, adding only one extra day to the project timeline.


Our approach involved strategic measures to restore the flooring’s integrity. We carefully cut out cracked areas and utilised epoxy resin to fill the cracks and secure the screed back to the slab. Additionally, we applied a flexible resin over reinforced fiberglass mesh to mitigate future movement. Areas with oily patches required the use of oil-tolerant resin for optimal bonding. Leveraging our expertise, we applied rapid-drying line marking paint to ensure precise markings, despite the textured floor surface. Furthermore, we installed reinforced fiberglass mesh across the entire floor, providing a flexible protective layer and resolving blown areas without incurring additional costs or project delays.


The completed work surpassed expectations, delivering a crisp finish despite initial challenges. With the minimal thickness of materials applied, it transformed an uneven slab into a flat and aesthetically pleasing surface. The finish exceeded cosmetic expectations while meeting the functional requirements for a durable floor.


This project exemplifies the importance of trust and collaboration between client and installer. By utilising our expertise and fostering a strong client relationship, we delivered a lasting solution that both parties endorsed. This successful outcome underscores the value of effective communication and problem-solving in overcoming challenges efficiently and ensuring client satisfaction. Moving forward, we remain committed to delivering exceptional results and maintaining strong client partnerships.

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