Case Study – Porsche

Client Overview: 

The DC Flooring Team was entrusted with a pivotal project at Unit 2C, Cathedral Hill Industrial Estate. Tasked with providing top-tier flooring solutions, our team stepped up to exceed client expectations.


The project presented unique challenges, primarily stemming from the condition of the existing concrete slabs. With undulations and unevenness posing obstacles, the removal of old epoxy coatings and over 200 bolts required a specialised approach. Utilising the Husqvarna 950RX planetary diamond grinder, we efficiently flattened the slabs, overcoming the complexities of the substrate. Amidst the challenges, maintaining a clean and organised site environment was of most importance.



Our solution was tailored to the specific needs of the project. Employing the DCF Polishing System, the team applied Flowcrete industrial top and levelling compound, followed by two coats of Flowcrete SF41 [Goosewing Grey] in the reception area. To address the issue of concrete slurry generated during wet polishing, we implemented a scrubber drying machine to collect and treat the slurry, maintaining cleanliness and environmental responsibility throughout the process. Effective communication and collaboration with both the client and the HBS on-site team ensured seamless execution.


The results spoke for themselves as all areas were finished to an exceptional standard, surpassing the client’s expectations. Remarkably, the project was completed ahead of schedule, allowing for early delivery of the unit to the customer. The superior finish achieved not only met but exceeded the desired standards, showcasing our commitment to excellence and efficiency.



Central to the project’s success was the utilisation of the DCF Express Polishing system, enabling the attainment of a maintenance-free floor within a shorter time frame. The client’s satisfaction was evident as they not only praised the system’s performance but also expressed intentions to utilise it for future projects. Our team continues to set the benchmark for excellence in commercial and industrial flooring solutions.

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