Case Study – Vienna House

Client Overview: 

Vienna House, situated within International Square in Birmingham, entrusted DC Flooring with the task of enhancing their open plan office environment. The specific requirement was to lay carpet tiles across three floors of open-plan office areas, spanning 2334 sq meters, as well as installing stair nosing’s on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors. Vienna House had high expectations for quality and professionalism in executing this project.


The main challenge encountered during this flooring project was the condition of the building site. Ensuring cleanliness on the refurbishment site proved to be a challenge that we had to manage. Additionally, the project timeline required careful management to ensure achievable targets were met. With multiple sections to address over the course of a month, coordinating the workflow efficiently was essential. Furthermore, there was significant foot traffic across all three floors which posed another obstacle.

challenge vienna house
solution vienna house


To overcome the challenges, DC Flooring implemented a strategic approach. They selected carpet tiles, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, resin-bound work was carried out for stair nosing and edges, enhancing both safety and visual appeal. We also ensured that the installation proceeded smoothly despite the challenges posed by refurbishment activities.


The quality of the finished flooring work exceeded expectations, with excellent results achieved within the specified timeframe. The client’s satisfaction was evident, with Vienna House expressing extreme happiness with both the contractor and the team. Notable achievements included meeting deadlines, maintaining high-quality standards, and effectively managing site logistics.

outcome vienna house
conclusion vienna house


Key factors to the project’s success included efficient planning, effective problem-solving, and skilled execution by the DC Flooring team. Lessons learned from this project, such as the importance of adaptability in managing site conditions and the significance of clear communication with clients, will be invaluable for future endeavors. Overall, the experience showcased DC Flooring’s dedication to professionalism, excellence, and client satisfaction, setting a high standard for future projects.

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