Hygienic Wall Coatings

Hygienic Floor and Wall Coatings

Areas like private or public bathrooms, showers, locker rooms, sports, recreational and leisure facilities where the floors and walls come partially or fully in contact with water – demand specialised wall coatings. And, this is much more than just a regular waterproof coating – but rather a complete wall coating system which fends of germs and bacteria while keeping the finishing of your walls smooth and pristine, no matter how much water and moisture they are exposed to. DC Flooring designs and builds specialised anti-bacterial wall coatings which are all installed on a bespoke basis by our in-house team.

Our wall coatings “hygienic and anti-bacterial” offer both high functionality and aesthetic appeal, catering to facilities which require the highest hygiene standards, such as clinics, healthcare facilities, hospitals, pharmaceutical production facilities, food and drink manufacturing plants, etc. All of the above require the highest health and safety standards and this is where DC Flooring’s bespoke hygienic wall coatings serve the purpose, helping you not only meet safety and compliance standards, but also making your facility as safe as possible for both your workers and customers. We offer a broad range of coatings, designs, colours and finishes to choose from, ensuring that both form and function stand out proudly throughout your facility.

Why you absolutely need hygienic wall coatings and areas of application

Any place of business or facility, including private spaces like bathrooms and wet rooms, are subject to a lot of water and moisture, as well as chemical spills, abrasions, heavy foot traffic, giving rise to a variety of germs and bacteria. Having hygienic wall coatings made from high performance materials and a custom finish installed all over your facility or private spaces, ensures that the occupants are exposed to the least number of germs, bacteria and parasites.

You’d be amazed at how an environment frequently exposed to moisture or dampness, for example, can be a breeding haven for germs. At the same time, you also want a surface that is very comfortable to walk on and requires minimal maintenance.

Key Features and Properties

Our customised wall coating system, which has already helped businesses in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors operate in a safer, healthier and more complaint way – offer many short term and long term benefits, including:

  • Very easy to clean and low maintenance
  • Some of the systems can be steam cleaned quickly and easily, perfect for food processing and areas where food can be contaminated.
  • Robust systems with fiberglass mesh available for the harshest of environments
  • Specialised coating not only protects the area from germs and bacteria but also repels water, dust and moisture
  • Our specialised wall coatings contain the least number of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), AMCs (airborne molecular contaminants) and other particle emissions in order to help you maintain healthy indoor air.
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection do not diminish the germ and bacteria repelling properties of our hygienic wall coatings
  • Can be combined with our coved skirting and epoxy resin flooring systems for seamless surface protection.
  • Our leading class wall coating systems contain a specially formulated film which provides excellent protection through all four seasons against mould, yeast, bacteria, fungi and algae
  • Available in a broad range of textures, colours and coatings, ensuring the utmost protection while providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere
  • No joints, seams, or anything else which may act as a hiding place for dirt, dust, germs and bacteria

Applications of Hygienic Wall Coatings

Our industry’s best hygienic coatings for walls have been broadly used across many industries, with key applications in:

  • Hospital, clinics, and healthcare facilities
  • Clean rooms
  • ER rooms
  • Operating theatres
  • Pharmaceutical facilities
  • Food and beverage production plants
  • Medical laboratories
  • Commercial kitchens and food preparation areas
  • Commercial laundry areas
  • Medical and scientific research labs
  • Chemical and electronics production factories
  • Sports, recreation and leisure facilities
  • Wet rooms
  • Cosmetics manufacturing plants
  • Warehouses
  • Agricultural facilities and farmhouses
  • And more

Certified installer of Sikagard® hygienic wall coatings

Sikagard’s hygienic coatings for both walls and ceilings have been designed to meet the functional and aesthetic requirements within facilities which require the absolute highest hygiene standards. DC Flooring is proud to be an approved installer of Sikagard® wall and floor coating systems.

We have specifically partnered with Sika to bring the best quality hygienic wall coatings to businesses in a variety of industries as they are a leader in the development of products and complete systems for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcement and protection of structures, floors and roofing.

Sikagard® hygienic wall coatings are the best choice for businesses in the UK as they provide the most hygienic and modern-looking surfaces for private and commercial bathrooms, showers, locker rooms, wet rooms, and more. The hygienic wall systems we install are ETAG 022 approved, thanks to our partnership with Sika, and the systems used in these coatings are very resilient and durable, providing long-term resistance to water, moisture, dirt, dust, and a variety of cleaning chemicals and agents. They are one of the best systems you can use within your wall coatings, no matter what sector you are in.

Sika uses a special waterproofing tape with a polyproplyne non-woven fleece which effectively eliminates the stress between the various substrates and tiles. All the while, it also ensures tightness within all the critical points in the wall coating system, such as corners, drains, pipe penetration, etc.

Sika’s hygienic resin floor and wall coatings come into their own in buildings where health, safety and hygiene are the highest priority – such as pharmaceutical and food manufacturing plants, as well as healthcare facilities, hospitals, clinics and sports/recreational centres.

DC Flooring’s in-house hygienic wall systems are always developed with Sika’s waterproofing tape featuring non-woven fleece at the core, because these two systems combined meet all the latest health and safety standards as well as regulations, thus, ensuring that your facility’s or building’s internal walls comply with the highest hygiene standards.

These coatings are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional as well as easy-to-maintain and are extremely popular amongst our client base for rather obvious reasons.

Types of Hygienic Wall Coatings

Epoxy Wall Coatings

Epoxy coatings are known for their strong bonding properties, durability, and resistance to various types of damage, making them suitable for a wide range of applications in both residential and commercial settings.  There are a number of different systems that can be used ranging from water based, solvent based, high build and solvent free epoxy resins. They are all essentially two-component systems that require mixing a resin with a hardener or curing agent. This chemical reaction results in a tough and chemically resistant surface.

Two pack solvent based or water-based epoxy primers are frequently used with these systems, providing a sealer coat to porous substrates such as blockwork and brickwork. This provides the perfect surface to apply the finishing coatings.

Here are some of the characteristics and benefits:

  • Have a high chemical resistance
  • Certain products incorporate paint with micro-silver, reducing the growth of mould and bacteria using silver ion technology
  • Good abrasion resistant properties
  • Virtually odourless

Elastomeric Coatings

Elastomeric coatings are usually made from flexible polyurethane and can bridge small cracks, providing added protection against water intrusion and other forms of damage. These coatings are known for their elasticity, which allows them to expand and contract with the natural movements of a building’s surfaces without cracking or peeling. Commonly applied to masonry, stucco, concrete, and other exterior and sometimes internal surfaces to provide waterproofing, weather resistance, and aesthetic improvements. They are the best product in regions with extreme temperature variations, as well as areas prone to heavy rain or high humidity.

Being UV stable, they are perfect for external applications, some products even have reflective properties that can help reduce heat absorption by reflecting sunlight. This can contribute to improved energy efficiency by keeping the building cooler and reducing the load on cooling systems.

Anti-bacterial wall coatings and anti-graffiti wall coatings

If your building or business facility is located in an area where people secretly paint graffiti on the walls or paint/stick posters in your absence, then we have a solution.

Our specialised anti-graffiti wall coatings allow easy removal of graffiti using just cold water. No detergents, agents or solutions, all you need is a bucket of water!

Known for their best-in-class hygienic wall coatings, Sikagard® also specialises in developing anti-graffiti and anti-poster coatings to protect your walls. Combined with our own unique in-house wall coating system, this means that:

  • You can easily wash away graffiti using just cold water and a piece of cloth.
  • No hot water needed, no detergents, no high pressure cleaning whatsoever.
  • As for fly posters, they will fall off naturally within a few days, thanks to the specialised wall coating. The only work you need to do is get rid of them afterwards!

DC Flooring makes it really easy to protect your walls from unwanted graffiti and posters. Our anti-graffiti wall coatings can be used on a variety of surfaces such as wood (natural and treated), concrete (coated or uncoated) and masonry – this includes both painted substrate and substrate that’s been treated with waterborne hydrophobic impregnations.

We also install anti-bacterial wall paint to inhibit the growth of bacteria on your walls. It’s important for both your workers and your customers to know that they are setting foot inside a facility which offers a safe and hygienic environment. We provide a range of anti-bacterial wall coatings which ensures that you have a clean environment at all times.

Our wall coatings have been particularly useful in environments like dentists’ clinics, doctors’ surgeries, hospitals and pharmaceutical as well as food manufacturing plants, all of which are places where it’s critical to maintain a high level of hygiene.

The spread of germs and bacteria is something that cannot be afforded in such facilities, and this is why DC Flooring has provided this solution to combine with their coved skirting and flooring systems to prevent the spread of bacteria in sensitive areas.

The food and drink industry, for example, is among the most regulated industries in the UK. This means businesses in this sector must comply with the strictest standards for quality, safety, hygiene and sanitary regulations. Keeping your surfaces free of bacteria and preventing contamination means you can produce your goods in a safe and hygiene environment. Plus, you’re also going to need a wall coating system which prevents fungi and mould growth, and is very easy to clean and maintain, no matter how much wear-and-tear it must endure – chemical spills and abrasions are common in the food and drink industry, after all.

No matter what your industry or daily demands, DC Flooring’s high-quality hygienic wall coatings, anti-graffiti wall coatings and anti-bacterial wall coatings are among the best ways to stay safe, comply with regulations, and prevent productivity shortfalls. Get in touch with us now to learn more.

Anti-bacterial wall coatings in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants or hospitals and healthcare facilities are even more important as they help to prevent a variety of germs, including Staph, VRE, MRSA and E. coli.

Easy-to-Clean Coatings

Many interior coating or cladding systems can be difficult to clean. They are usually installed with trims which can harbour germs and promote fungal, and bacterial growth. Cleaning all of these nooks and cranny’s can be a costly and time consuming process, especially when they are installed in high pressure areas that subjected to high traffic and footfall.   

Hygiene coatings for internal walls and ceilings however do not need trims to be installed. Designed to meet both functional and aesthetic needs, coating products can follow the contours of the surface they are applied to. Thus leaving a seamless installation, where edges are kept to a minimum and the chance of mould or fungal growth is greatly reduced.

When these hard wearing anti-bacterial coatings are combined with a seamless coved resin flooring system an high strength screed, you have the perfect system for an area that needs an easy clean finish.

We can install a number of different systems specifically designed to meet your requirements. We have entry level systems that are easy to wipe down, ranging all the way up to fully steam cleanable systems that have large impact resistance.

Chemical-Resistant Coatings

Chemical-resistant coatings are specialised types of coatings designed to provide protection against the potentially harmful effects of various chemicals, corrosive substances, and solvents. These products are commonly used in industrial settings, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, chemical processing plants, and other environments where exposure to chemicals is a concern.

Providing protection against a wide range of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, solvents, oils, fuels, and more. These products come in different formulations, such as epoxy, polyurethane, vinyl ester, fluoropolymer, and more. The choice of the coating used depends on factors such as the type of chemicals present, the temperature, thermal shock and the specific application requirements.

Call our office today for more information and any advice that you require on any of these products.

Why Opting for DC Flooring’s Hygienic Wall Coating Makes a Difference

We aim is to install quality products to the highest standards, focusing on giving our customers. Ensuring the safety of our employees, customers and the general public is at the forefront of everything that we do. We are longstanding members of the Resin Flooring Association (FeRFA) as well as a number of other governing bodies and health & safety associations.

We have been keeping customers happy in all areas throughout the UK for over two decades. Concentrating on customer service and a passion for not letting people down.

Offers warranties for their products and inquire about their after-sales support, including maintenance and repairs.

All subfloor preparation is done in-house using our specialised equipment – shotblasting, scabbling, and concrete grinding
You’re only a phone call away from investing in leading-class flooring systems, all approved by FeRFA.


What is a coating for wall treatment?

There are a number of different options for wall coatings. Choosing the correct one for your application will depend on a number of factors on what it needs to achieve and how it needs to perform. At DC Flooring we have access to the best products available in the UK. 

Call us today for a free consultation and quotation.

Are exterior wall coatings a good idea?

Yes, but you need to make sure that you are using the correct product for the application and the weather and wear that it will be receiving. Elastomeric coatings are perfect for exterior applications as they create a protective barrier against water infiltration. Their flexible nature helps bridge small cracks and gaps in the substrate, preventing moisture from entering the building envelope. This waterproofing capability is especially valuable for maintaining the structural integrity of buildings.

Can hygienic wall coatings be used in high-humidity environments, such as bathrooms and swimming pool areas?

Yes, hygienic wall coatings can be used in high-humidity environments like bathrooms and swimming pool areas. Look for coatings that are waterproof, mould-resistant, durable, easy to clean, and, if necessary, resistant to chemicals. Common options include epoxy coatings, epoxy-based paints, and moisture-cured urethane coatings. Proper ventilation is also important in these areas. Consult with professionals or manufacturers for suitability and ensure proper surface preparation and application.

Are hygienic wall coatings available in different colours and finishes?

Although designed to cope with a variety of extreme conditions these products can be highly decorative and are available in a range of finishes, and come in a variety of colours. The vast majority of coatings have a number of standard colours in their ranges,  but bespoke and non-standard colours are available as special orders. As the  aesthetic needs for facilities management increase, there is more emphasis on products not only performing but also enhancing the aesthetics of buildings. White, beige, and light grey are colours that are often preferred in healthcare settings, hygiene walls and cleanroom environments because they create a sense of cleanliness and provide a neutral backdrop.

Other options for finishes are gloss, silk, matt, and textured. These variants in texture and sheen offer endless options for you to find the finish that suits your application’s desired look and feel.

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