Social Housing

Social Housing

Going as far back as the 1960s, developers have been using asphalt as the main material in social housing projects in order to protect and waterproof external balconies, and also to make surfaces safer with anti-slip properties.

However, this also meant that the asphalt would deteriorate over time, causing water ingress into the concrete substrate. This is every developer’s worst nightmare as water ingress leads to the early onset of steel corrosion, concrete cracking and water damage to properties.

DC Flooring’s leading-class social housing flooring protection systems can be easily installed on top of existing concrete and asphalt surfaces to treat and protect them for many years to come.

One of the main flooring systems for social housing we use is based on a fast-curing methyl methacrylate (MMA) formulation which is combined with a robust decorative finish to protect your exposed surfaces – whether they are on public roads, residential areas, factory floors, warehouse floors, etc.

Our MMA resin flooring for the social housing sector can be laid down and cured in about two hours, so that they are ready to receive foot and road traffic or whatever the daily demands may be. We also do each installation in a minimally intrusive way so that there is minimum disturbance to pedestrians, residents and businesses in the locality.

Dust-free concrete grinding where all the dust and debris is collected into specialised tents through powerful vacuums, ensuring that no ‘signs of work’ are left behind either during or following the installation of your system.

Why resin flooring systems are best suited to social housing projects

From external balconies, walkways and stairwells to external landscaping, paths, play areas, driveways, car parks, refuse areas, and more – DC Flooring’s range of resin flooring systems offer the ultimate solution for social housing projects:

Attractive and aesthetically pleasing appearance

Increase business, attract more customers, and have your private properties or commercial areas stand out with beautiful anti-slip, abrasion-resistance and anti-static coatings, along with professionally done line markings, signage and walkways.

High versatility and flexibility

Our resin flooring systems include multiple finishes and coatings – e.g. decorative flakes and aggregates may be included with the resin systems to add an aesthetically pleasing effect, or you might have a specialised coating to make the surface more resistant to trips and slips. The options are nearly endless.

Very hard-wearing and seamless

Our bespoke social housing flooring systems deliver a hygienic seam-free surface that’s very easy to clean and maintain. Even after years of use, it can withstand the same level of impact, abuse and daily wear-and-tear as it did on day one. They are also highly resistant to daily foot and heavy haulage traffic as well as UV light.

Chemical and abrasion-resistant

No matter what kind of use the areas are put through each day – e.g. pedestrian walkways, multi-storey car parkings, sidewalks and footpaths, playgrounds, public roads, etc. – our unique coatings are highly resistant to all kinds of spillages, corrosive chemical agents and other harmful solutions or liquids which can potentially damage the surfaces.

We have a floor or wall solution to cater for any need or environment, our expert team will advise you on the best coating to use based on how the area is used, how much traffic it receives and any specific ways that it needs to perform.

DC Flooring specialises in both resin MMA floor systems for social housing and polished concrete for social housing – based on the application and daily use, we can advise on a system which will offer the highest practicality, cost-effectiveness and value for money.

We do all our preparation and installation in-house using dust-free concrete grinding to minimise any potential disturbance to nearby homes and businesses. DC Flooring is proud to be associated with FERFA, solely using their classification to specify flooring systems.

In addition, we use industrial screeds only to level any uneven surfaces. All our floor coatings are water, moisture, chemical and UV-resistant, offering excellent adhesion and carbon protection as well. They also serve very well as an anti-graffiti substance, giving extra density and protection to your floors and walls.

Suffice it to say, resin flooring systems are known in every sector as a very high performing system, particularly when it comes to social housing projects, where aesthetically pleasing, seamless and water as well as weatherproof floor coatings are always in demand. The fast-curing properties alone make it a very attractive option as a complete flooring solution.

What are the main applications of MMA resin flooring for social housing?

External balconies

Our decorative and hard-wearing resin balcony systems cure quickly and are very easy to install. For years, we have been installing our unique and fast-curing balcony systems in the social housing sector, providing our clients with an attractive waterproof system for private balconies which can be installed with minimal disruption. These systems can come with up to a 10 year warranty.

Stairwells and walkways

DC Flooring’s stairwell range is ideal for both internal and external applications. Our resin stairway systems are available in a range of colours, coatings and finishes, offering superb slip resistance and fire-resistance along with fast curing properties. It has been widely used in the social housing sector where a tough and attractive seamless finish is required on stairwells. Our team will advise on the best system and coating to use.

When it comes to walkways, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than a hard-wearing quick-to-install resin walkway system. Our high performance systems have been used in the social housing sector for decades, providing an attractive, seamless and waterproof solution, while providing a finish that’s just as aesthetically striking as it is practically useful.

External landscaping and paths

Our unique resin bound stone is an external landscaping system that’s created using a mixture of dry aggregates which are then mixed vigorously with high-quality resin. It’s ideal for a variety of external landscaping as well as paths, walkways and concourses. The system is fully permeable, meaning that no standing water will sit on the surface.

Paths in particular can be difficult to maintain – surfaces sinking and slip hazards due to pooling, landscaping and other aesthetic elements of the garden getting destroyed because of soil getting spilled over from the flowerbeds, or heavy rains causing everything to flood.

Resin landscaping and garden paths offer the ultimate solution. Our resin bound stone systems for external landscaping and garden paths will bring new life to your social housing projects while also ensuring that the natural shape and aesthetic perfection of the walkways remain intact over the years.

Play areas

We use wet pour, a rubber crumb, to provide stunning coatings and finishes for a variety of play surfaces, such as those in children’s playgrounds, parks and recreational hotspots.

Wet pour, also commonly referred to as soft tarmac, has become a very popular surface type in the above applications, ensuring that your play areas are always safe and hygienic, while looking absolutely beautiful, both from a distance and up close.

It’s also the perfect way to prevent trip and fall accidents, and reduce impact from falls. Our wet pour/rubber crumb coatings are hard-wearing and durable, resistance to all weather conditions, low maintenance and very easy to clean.

Driveways, Car Parks and Garages

DC Flooring offers 100% bespoke floor coatings and finishes for your car parks, garages and driveways. Whether these areas require a special look or need a coating and finish that improves the safety, aesthetic appeal and presentation of these high use and frequently trafficked areas. Our expert team will provide a solution to meet any of your needs.

Our MMA resin flooring systems for car parks, garages and driveways are the UK’s leading flooring coating and finishing systems when it comes to safety, reliability, durability, longevity and aesthetic superiority. They are built and designed to improve safety and reliability as well as grip, while being highly resistant to daily wear-and-tear, spills, abrasion, environmental damage and more

Refuse areas

Waste disposal sites or ‘refuse areas’ demand hygienic, easy-to-clean and low- maintenance flooring systems. DC Flooring’s long-lasting, durable and hygienic resin systems and coatings can withstand even the most challenging daily usage requirements.

Our MMA resin systems are fast-curing and boast high compressive strength, which means they can easily withstand the constant abuse caused by wheelie bins.

Wall coatings

We also specialise in providing protective wall finishes, with your choice of anti-graffiti or fire-resistant coatings.

Our unique formulation for anti-graffiti and fire-resistant wall coatings offer the highest level of protection against all kinds of graffiti sprays – being ideal for applying to both your internal and external walls, as well as fire escape areas and fire exits.

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